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Another Day, Another Democrat Tax Cheat by American Elephant

That makes six tax cheats that Obama has nominated according to CBS, not the least of which is his Treasury Secretary, Tim Geitner, the man who now runs the very same IRS that will prosecute you, garnish your wages, seize your belongings, and send you to jail if you fail to pay your taxes.

Democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius is now the second tax evader Obama has nominated to head HHS after Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination when it became clear he had failed to pay well over $100,000 in taxes.

The fact that Obama is still nominating tax cheats after this many embarrassments means one of three things:

1. There are no Democrats who actually pay their taxes for Obama to nominate.

2. His Administration is utterly incompetent, or

3. Obama thinks he and his administration are above the law.

I vote all of the above.

(h/t Hot Air)

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