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Obama’s Arrogance, Apology and Appeasement Tour. by The Elephant's Child
April 7, 2009, 2:30 am
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Let’s see.  North Korea shoots off a missile, claiming that it is a peaceful satellite. The rest of the world notes that it is a dangerous test of a long range missile.  Obama says that if the North Koreans launch the missile, there will be serious consequences, which means that we will go back to the U.N., which will do nothing, nothing at all.

In the  meantime, China is increasing their defense spending, building up their military.  Russia has announced plans to build up their military, and have demanded that America refrain from putting missile defense in Eastern Europe.  Iran is ever closer to their first nuclear weapon, and is cooperating with North Korea, attending their missile launch.  North Korea is becoming a prime proliferator, selling nuclear technology to all the most disreputable nations.

[The perfect moment.] Obama denounced “fatalism” over nuclear proliferation and promised to lead a global effort to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons.  He hailed the “courageous Czech Republic and Poland for “agreeing to host a defense against these missiles”.  The Telegraph (UK) headline says: “Barack Obama goes ahead with missile defense shield despite disarmament pledge.”

President Obama requested a 10% cut in defense spending. [Nice timing] Barney Frank asked for a 25% cut.  The Communist Party USA asked for a 50% cut.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced plans to cancel or reduce such major programs as the Airborne Laser, Multiple Kill Vehicle and the installation of additional Ground-Based Interceptor missiles in Alaska, and cut the MDA’s budget for Fiscal Year 2010 by $1.4 billion.  These proposals would amount to almost a 15% cut in the MDA budget and a major reduction in our missile defense portfolio. Or so said a bipartisan group of Senators who oppose cuts in Missile Defense.  Lieutenant General Daniel Maples, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recently testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that “the threat posed by  ballistic missile delivery systems is likely to increase while growing more complex over the next decades,” their letter to the President went on to say.  “Adversary nations are increasingly adopting technical and operational countermeasures to defeat missile defenses.” Ballistic missile technology has already proliferated worldwide and is a direct threat to both our allies and our homeland.

Well, some say that North Korea only attempts to scare us so that we will give them more aid.  But they have passed nuclear technology on to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Syria. Now, you can condemn all this as “provocative,” but only a damn fool doesn’t pay attention.

Obama, was on his apology and appeasement tour. In Strasbourg, the President of the United States said:

In recent years, we’ve allowed our alliance to drift.  I know that there have been honest disagreements over policy, but we also know that there’s something more that has crept into our relationship.  In America there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.  Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America’s shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

But in Europe, there is an anti-Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious.  Instead of recognizing the good that America so often does in the world, there have been times where Europeans choose to blame America for much of what’s bad.

Greta Van Susteren asked her guest Ambassador John Bolton:  “Is President Obama right? What do you think about his speech?” John Bolton said:

I was shocked at how poor  his knowledge of history is.  If he thinks tensions between Europe and the United States are of recent vintage, particularly during the Bush administration, he really needs some additional schooling.

If you go back to the time of the Revolution, there have been differences between Europeans and Americans very reminiscent of things we’ve seen in more recent years.  If you read the diaries and letters of the British and American top political and military leaders in World War II, they were at each others’ throats.  Lord Allenbrook, the British commander, didn’t think Dwight Eisenhower was fit to be Supreme Commander or Americans were fit to fight.

This goes back and forth all the time.  The idea that, suddenly, he’s going to change this as a matter of attitude is itself a form of arrogance on his part.

President Obama needs to recognize that he is no longer in campaign mode.  He is now the President of the United States, all of us, not just the ones who gave him campaign funds.  Part of his duty is to preserve the dignity of the office of the Presidency, and a world apology tour just isn’t doing it.  Did he not grasp the graciousness of President Bush who refused to comment in any way on his successors’ term of office?

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it wouldn’t matter “what” President Obama said or did…YOU would disagree with it…Please give it up. It’s really getting old and tiresome.


Comment by Cheryl Boyd

As soon as he does something that I agree with, I’ll be happy to ladle out the praise. I would never have dreamed that anyone could do as much damage to the country as he has done in less than three months. I do not expect perfection. I expect a President of the United States to refrain from going abroad and apologizing for his country.

I expect a recognition of the precarious state of the world, and to understand that peace is only attainable through strength. I’m really tired of writing about Obama, but he’s making all sorts of rookie mistakes that are damaging the country.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

oh yes, what would we do if we didn’t have someone like you to point out all of Obama’s mistakes…please DO let me know if you see anything he does correctly within the next 4 year. I’m sure it’s going to be a long and miserable time for you…,..YOU should try “apologizing” sometime.


Comment by cheryl

Its going to be a long and miserable time for all Americans as they continue to lose their liberty, continue to have government usurp more of their power and as inflation, unemployment, taxes and regulation all continue to skyrocket. It will be a miserable four years that makes the future much worse, much less prosperous and much less healthy for future generations of Americans. And it will be a much worse future for around the world because as Obama makes America a less free and prosperous nation, the hundreds of millions around the globe who were lifted out of poverty will sink back into it.

You are the one who should apologize.


Comment by American Elephant

We were miserable…for eight years. Thousands of young Americans were killed and mutilated in a war that was unjustified. Unemployment rose,inflation rose, people lost their insurance and couldn’t afford health care,(even many with jobs couldn’t afford health care) people lost their homes, banks failed, big corporations and wall street got greedy because of “deregulation” . This was BEFORE President Obama was elected.
You are whining only because you didn’t want this man elected President and I won’t even speculate as to why. But I don’t believe it was because you thought he could possibly make us more miserable than we already were. Were you not part of the team calling him a terrorist, anti-American, etc. And you want me, and everyone else with any amount of intelligence to beleive that your agenda to spread negativity and predicted gloom is based on nothing more than your bias attitude toward this President and a and therefore anything he does will be wrong in your view.

I , like many Americans am not miserable. We finally have a new found hope in this government and this President. I like what he’s done so far and believe he will continue to take us into a direction that leads us into a prosperous, healthy future..a nation that works with other nations and shows itself to be a leader…and not just a “bully”.
And Obama’s “graciousness” far exceeds any that Bush ever displayed.

I apologize only for ever allowing myself to read your trash.

You really should stop with the whining already.
But then you are so miserable and I have heard, “misery loves company”.


Comment by cheryl boyd

I don’t know what planet you live on, but it surely isn’t this one. Your view of the last 8 years is so far removed from reality, it’s amazing. You need to check out some accurate statistics. You are living in fantasyland.

America elected a president with no executive experience, who has never held a job in the private economy. He seems to be completely ignorant of economics, history, and science. His useless spending, 4 times the maximum that Bush ever spent, will damage the lives of every American for several generations. His appeasement abroad has already led to increased provocations from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, as they size up the administration as weak. The overspending and printing money that we don’t have promises severe inflation to come.

We have also learned that Obama’s speeches have no relationship to his actions. He says one thing, and does another. There is a word for that. Hope and change isn’t in it.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Ignorant? Useless spending? And you determine this based on what? Who are you to say the spending is useless? More useless than the billions Bush spent on the war? I think your arrogance in believing you can predict the future is obvious. What you are predicting is what you hope will happen since you were not able to get your “lets keep doing the same old thing and see if it will ever get better” party elected. Yours is strictly a political agenda and you dont care what arguments you have to use, whether reasonable or just plain cocky poo….like all of the above. You are the one living on another planet…or should be.


Comment by cheryl boyd

Im sorry …I forgot to add…Are you KIDDING????
What part of my view of the last 8 years am I confused about? What statistics are you referring to? Did 4000 + young American men and women NOT die in this USELESS war…and 100s more NOT come home with their arms or legs blown off or with permanent brain injury.?? USELESS SPENDING?? I’ll say…of lives!!
Obama’s efforts to reach out to other countries INSTEAD of running over with BOMBS and 4000 + more young men and women first seems like the actions of a STRONG and REASONALBE man instead of a trigger happy lunatic.
And are you telling me that I’m also wrong about inflation, unemployment,bank failures, skyrocketing health care costs???
I for one have been living right here in the MIDDLE of it… and where have you been. Oh I forgot,
sitting on your throne getting paid the BIG BUCKS for spreading your cocky poo.


Comment by cheryl boyd

Well, let’s see. I read somewhere between 4 to 12 columns or essays by major American economists each week, a lot of history and current events. I don’t watch TV.

In the Iraq War, there were 3,393 fatalities due to hostile action, to the end of 2008. The Iraqi civilian death count was 95,000. The U.S suffered more fatalities in single battles of WWII than in the entire 5+ years of Iraq. The total US military deaths in 4 years of peace–1980-83–9,556, Every one is mourned, but you need a little perspective.

Where did you get the idea that the war was either “useless” or “unjustified?” Saddam was a tyrant intent on control of the Middle East, and its oil, who violated every element of the cease-fire that allowed him to remain in Iraq. He was shooting at the US planes patrolling the no-fly zones, and had thrown out the weapons inspectors in 1998. Tyrant? Putting living people through industrial shredders, paving streets over the bodies of living people, removing the eyes of babies to force parents to talk.

Bush 43 freed 50 million people from two of the worst tyrannies on earth, and in Iraq we have a successful fledgling democracy in the midst of a dysfunctional M.E., where the Iraqi people want freedom and democracy, and are the envy of the population of Iran who hate their government, Syria and Lebanon. In case you didn’t notice, the world depends on Middle Eastern oil. And by the way, he kept you safe for the 7 years after 9/11.

Obama’s efforts to reach out to other countries sent him back from Europe empty-handed. They said no thanks. Iraq said they weren’t interested in any talks, and reaffirmed that America was an enemy, and mentioned that they are running 7000 centrifuges at their Natanz nuclear enrichment plant. Kim Jong Il resumed his nuclear testing in response to Obama’s demands. France’s Sarkozy said Obama’s “efforts to recast American leadership on the world stage were unoriginal, unsubstantial and overrated.” His call “to free the world of the menace of a nuclear nightmare” was hot air, according to the London Times.

You claim to have been miserable for 8 years. The economy grew every single quarter under Bush with real GDP growth averaging 3% a year, Unemployment, end of 2006, averaged 4.4%– historically low. The S&P stock index was 1418, 84% above the post 9/11 low. By the end of 2006, the average person was making 9% more in real terms than when Bush took office.

Obama inherited an inflation rate of 3.85%. It was 2.85% the previous year. That 3.85% was the highest of the Bush administration. And Yes. I am telling that you are wrong about inflation and unemployment, and the cost of the war. Defense spending went from 3% of GDP to 4% of GDP under Bush–below the level of spending from WWII through 1994.

The housing crisis was most directly caused by congressional democrats who required banks, under the threat of heavy fines, to lend to people who, under prudent banking rules, were unable to qualify for a loan. The democrats meant well, they wanted to extend home ownership to people who couldn’t afford it. It seemed OK as long as the price of homes went up, but prices don’t always go up. The Bush administration tried 17 times in 2008 alone, to get a recalcitrant Democrat congress to reform the gov’t sponsored mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Congress would not heed the administration’s warnings about the systemic risk posed by them. By July, it was clear that they were failing, and Congress belatedly passed some reforms. Beyond legal requirements, Banks were pressured by ACORN to make more sub-prime loans, they were picketed, threatened, demonstrated against–all to get unqualified people into houses. The FED kept interest rates too low too long, and that helped to get more borrowers into the market trying to flip houses.

Democrats are uninterested in historic evidence, in studies, in the experience of other countries who have tried the same things. They mean well, and firmly believe that if they just spend more money, failed policies can be made to work. Obama has no new ideas, they’ve all been tried before.

The stimulus will not stimulate. There are no green jobs. C02 is not the cause of global warming, and attempting to restrict emissions will accomplish nothing whatsoever. Solar and wind are not ready for prime time, and cannot produce any significant amount of energy. At least that’s what the evidence from history and from other countries shows.

I don’t know where you are getting your news, but you need to read a little more widely. And do keep your words civil, or you’ll be banished to the spam pile.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I read also.. I do watch some TV. Just not the FOX network.
I read essays and articles by major American economists as well, but unlike you, I do not seek out only those that will support only my bias point of view. I believe for every one essay or article that you read criticizing Obama’s stimulus plan, I can find 2 more that will support it. I have read several that say without his plan the economy would fail. I also read a survey of academic economist that found the majority by over whelming margins, to believe that Obama had the superior economic plan and a firmer grasp of economics than McCain did. I’ve also read many articles stating that mayors of cities and governors across the US are welcoming the stimulus funds as it keeps them from laying off their firefighters, police, and other civil servants. It puts money into their schools, and helps them go forward with construction and highway projects that have been put on hold due to the down sliding economy. It helps them fund and extend the unemployment benefits to the people who have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs and are struggling to pay their bills and hold on to their homes (if they were even lucky enough to afford one). Of course I have also read about some of politicians who denounce the plan at every opportunity as they gladly accept the money using it to their benefit. These would be the republicans keeping their eye on the next election.
When I mention the 4000+ men and women killed in the Iraq war, you try to diminish the significance by citing a lesser # of only those killed in “hostile action”. I believe the other 880 + deaths were just as “hostile”. They were unnecessary, as were the over 100,000 men and women wounded. And please, do repeat that number to yourself again. NINETY FIVE THOUSAND…Iraqi civilians. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, …children.
The fact that the US suffered more fatalities in a single battle in WWII than in all of the 5 years of Iraq does not make it any of it less significant. .
We became involved in WWII not because a tyrant was running crazy killing millions of innocent people but because we were bombed. Iraq nor its people did not bomb us, harm us, or even threaten us in any way to an extent that would warrant this war. Even your friend Bill O’Reilly acknowledges this. There is no murder of innocent people that can be justified by claiming that it was necessary for the “greater good”. You don’t bring freedom to people by waging war and destroying their cities, their homes and their lives.
I’ve also read that 90% of the Iraqi women hate Bush for what he did and they consider the journalist that threw the shoe to be a “hero”.
Somehow I don’t think all the Iraqi people are as happy with the “freedom and democracy” as we would like to believe they are and I don’t believe it is the policy of the US to start a war with every country that has a tyrant for a leader.

North Korea has been testing their missiles for decades. They did it several times during Bush’s administration. But because they do it now you make the accusation that it’s because our President looks weak.
You quote Sarkosy to further discredit President Obama.. Wasn’t it just a few years ago your party was throwing out all their French fries because France, along with 53 other countries would not support Bush’s war on Iraq. ?
It was neither the democrats nor ACORN that was responsible for the housing crisis but instead the predatory lending practices of the greedy banks and mortgage companies with their lying and trapping their customers into mortgages with high interest payments and excessive fees.

And yes, I have noticed that the world does depend on ME oil. MAYBE that is why it would be a good idea to research and develop alternative sources of energy. If the government will put more money into funding for such research and development instead of worrying about giving the oil companies with the 40 billion dollar profits the big tax breaks, perhaps we could get them ready for “prime time”. But of course that wouldn’t make the Oil Industry very happy and then your party might lose the support you so badly need for elections.

I could dispute you or debate you on every point you bring up…for every statistic you throw at me or every column or article you read I can show you one to the contrary. I give Bush credit where credit is due, but what amazes me is how you can dismiss the worst mistake a President can make in costing so many American lives for such an unwarranted cause , yet for President Obama who has only been in office for 3 months you give no leeway at all. Like I said, you are bias. You didn’t want him in office to begin with and you did everything within your power to plant seeds of fear and anger in the minds of what American people you could with your spin and lies.
President Obama does not believe he is still in campaign mode, but it is obvious that you and your party still think you are.

Here’s the bottom line. The American people elected President Obama…fair and square. No hanging “shads” this time. He is our President and you owe him that respect. Other countries are not only watching him, they are watching us…how we treat each other and our President . Right now, I’d say you are looking downright “unpatriotic” in my opinion.

You don’t need to fret about whether or not I keep my words “civil” from here on out because I won’t be having anything else to say to you. I am part of middle America and I am proud of my President and believe he is and will continue to do the best job he can to make this country more than just about BIG OIL and POWER. And he will do it with honesty, integrity and graciousness.

I’m sure you will continue to whine like a sore loser and put your articles and opinions out there to further the political agenda of the extreme radical right . However, I won’t being reading any of them. You are banished to my SPAM pile.


Comment by cheryl boyd

you can stop giggling…i mean’t hanging “chads”
but it does all get so silly sometimes, doesn’t it?


Comment by cheryl boyd

I didn’t giggle, I knew what you meant. If you go back in my posts, you would see that I said that Obama is my president now, and I wish him well. He was correct to allow the attack on the Somali pirates.

I don’t call Obama names, I do not lie about him, call him a Nazi or a Communist, nor do I insist that he is another Hitler. Or any of the vile lies that came from your side.

I disagree with Obama’s POLICIES. He has spent more money than was spent by all presidents, cumulatively, from George Washington to the present, I believe to no avail. We are sure to get vast inflation, for the Government has been printing money at a fearsome rate.

In the military, you have a lot of people interacting with big machines in dangerous places and doing dangerous things. You will notice that more people were killed or died in the peacetime military than in Iraqi combat. The hostility figure simply excludes those who were killed in training accidents, from illness, from traffic accidents.

The Iraqi civilians were killed by other Muslims. Never was such great care taken by any military in history than in the Iraq war by our guys to avoid harming civilians.

I am unpatriotic because I disagree with the president’s policies? Where have I heard that accusation before? Oh yes, that’s what Democrats were claiming when we objected to their putting Hitler mustaches on President Bush.

I am sure that President Obama has the best of intentions, and believes that he is doing the right thing. I think the evidence clearly shows that he is not.

Spam? You have it backwards. You are the visitor to our website.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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