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A Simple (but brilliant) Plan. by The Elephant's Child

President Obama’s new science adviser told the Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate is being discussed.

Geoengineering is, for example, shooting particles into the air — essentially making an artificial volcano; or using artificial trees to suck carbon dioxide out of the air and store it.

Cooling the atmosphere at a time when the planet is rapidly cooling might not seem like the best of ideas.  Turning a temporary cooling into an ice age?  Absolutely brilliant, but then that is what they are doing to the economy, isn’t it  — turning a temporary downturn into a lengthy depression?

But to follow the logic, Mark Roth, over at American Thinker, points out that if it is desirable to shoot pollutants into the earth’s upper atmosphere in order to reduce the supposed effects of the sun’s rays on global temperatures, then:

“I can’t believe” Mr. Roth said, “that these genius scientists have so completely missed the obvious solution — remove pollution controls from automobiles. This will accomplish a few things all at once:

  1. put sulfur in the atmosphere;
  2. reduce the cost of manufacture of cars;
  3. reduce the sales price of cars;
  4. increase the gas mileage and improve efficiency; thereby
  5. reducing operating costs; not to mention
  6. reducing national oil and gas consumption; which in turn,
  7. reduces the costs of production and delivery of goods and services; which among other things,
  8. reduces the cost of food and electricity; which
  9. allows for increased spending for travel and dining out, which…”

“We would save the costs of fueling and replacement of the ICBMs slated to launch debris into the atmosphere, thereby avoiding an increase in the defense budget for necessary replacements, although it could be argued that Obama, seeing no need for missile defense, would not regard replacement as necessary, so that saving would have to be deferred to a future administration.”

This is such a superb insight, and so fitting, that I could not resist reprinting the whole thing.  The original is here. Save the planet (from non-existent warming), save the auto industry, save the economy all in one grand fell-swoop, as well as thoroughly embarrass the Obama administration for not thinking of it before they spent all that money.


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You know, Glenn Back commented on this idea the other day. And the quote on his summary is:

“Before Mr. Obama spends another trillion on giant air conditioning units, perhaps he should take a jaunt outside—-because it’s frickin’ freezing out!


Comment by Mike Lovell

Also weird about their solutions of shooting pollutants up into the atmosphere to help stop global warming: Weren’t they not all that long ago criminalizing high pollution factors as the cause of global warming?


Comment by Mike Lovell

I love it. I’m going to go burn some oily rags in the street to fight global warming!


Comment by American Elephant

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