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Congressman Ted Poe doesn’t like CFL lightbulbs either. by The Elephant's Child
April 16, 2009, 10:57 pm
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Guess who is “outsourcing?” It couldn’t be Congress where they are always making speeches about the evils of outsourcing. No more American-made incandescent light bulbs. I wonder how many jobs are being lost at GE and Sylvania?  The nasty little fluorescents are all, every single one, made in China.

One dirty little secret is that CFL bulbs cannot be used in an enclosed space.  And how many fixtures do you have that are essentially “enclosed spaces?”  How many of your lighting fixtures take other kinds of bulbs?  Floods, halogen, what about those very expensive chandeliers that take those little tiny light bulbs?  Goodbye night lights, at least enclosed ones. And what about our Christmas lights?

Congressman Poe is absolutely correct.  Congress has no business sticking their noses in our lighting fixtures.  It is the obnoxious tendency of Liberals Progressives to want to decide every detail of how you should live.  And their notions about global warming are unfortunately pure hooey.

Sheesh!  Have you priced lighting fixtures lately?

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