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Hilarity ensues by American Elephant
April 19, 2009, 4:35 am
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If you live anywhere near an urban center,  you probably recognize these people. They are “hipsters”; formerly known as simply “urban”, “geek chic”, “fashionistas” or, alternately, “alternatives”.

They are, just so you know, ex-suburbanites desperately ashamed of their suburbaninity. They repent their cul-de-sac roots by rebelling against everything their parents might like, and atone by embracing everything “new” and urban, which, in that ironic “everything old is new again” fashion sense, means precisely the clothes and hair their parents wore in the 1980s.

They are Twitter Twits, they celebrate Earth Day, abhor carbon dioxide, and worship John Stewart. And yes, they voted for Barack Obama by 98.4%.

They are also hilarious:

(h/t: Ace)

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