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“Renewable energy” is bunk. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. by The Elephant's Child
April 21, 2009, 8:22 pm
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Just got home from the bank, and I was following a Toyota Pious with a bumper sticker that said “Renewable Energy is Homeland Security.” And on the radio, the host was talking about a poll that  showed that a majority of Americans believed that “renewable energy” was cheaper and more efficient than our current energy sources.  Sheesh!  We have some educating to do.

The term “Renewable Energy” is applied to wind energy, solar energy, thermal energy, and biomass energy. Environmentalists most often leave out hydroelectric energy, although it is clean, renewable, efficient and cost effective, because they don’t like it.  They like “wild rivers”.  They pretend concern for the fish, but it is the dams they hate.

During the last 4 years the true facts about wind energy are beginning to appear.  Wind turbines in Europe do nothing for CO2 emissions reduction.  Nothing.  Denmark, the nation with the most wind turbines, has more than 6,000 turbines generating 19% of its energy, but it has never been able to close a single fossil-fuel plant.  It requires 50% more coal-generated electricity to cover the times when the wind does not blow at the right speed.  Denmark’s electricity costs are the highest in Europe.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported in 2008, on a dollars per MWh basis, the US. Government subsidizes wind at $23.34 — compared to such reliable energy sources as natural gas at 25¢; coal at 44¢; hydro at 67¢: and nuclear at $1.59.

President Obama and Vice President Biden toured the solar array at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, Colorado on February 17, 2009.  The solar panels that they inspected will take 110 years to pay for themselves.  These particular panels are expected to last for 20-25 years.

Some of the newest wind turbines are 50 stories tall.  (That’s stories, not feet). Note the picture of the turbine with the landing pad for a helicopter.  That’s big! For more information on wind energy, see here, and here, and here.

Brazil is often cited as leading the way in biofuel production, and there are suggestions that we should achieve “energy independence” by imitating Brazil.  Think again.  Der Spiegel exposes the lie.

And for an article on the true goal of the greens, go here.

The reason for all the current push (“global warming is speeding up”) on energy is that the entire case for global warming is falling apart.  The earth is not warming.  There has been no significant warming in the last 10 years, and it has been cooling for at least 5 years.  Cap-and-trade would enrich a few companies, but be disastrous for the American people.  A huge tax on each and every taxpayer. Beware.

Obama, smarting under “overspending” complaints, has requested a budget cut from his cabinet. by The Elephant's Child

It’s not the orange circle, it’s that teeny black dot.

Harvard University Economics Professor Greg Mankiw commented:

To put those numbers in perspective, imagine that the head of a household with annual spending of $100,000 called everyone in the family together to deal with a $34,000 budget shortfall. How much would he or she announce that spending had to be cut? By $3 over the course of the year–approximately the cost of one latte at Starbucks. The other $33,997? We can put that on the family credit card and worry about it next year.

Obama said that a little bit here, a little bit there… So where could we pare off a few dollars?  How about going to Europe without an entourage of 500 people?  Surely you could get by with a few less.  How about serving chicken instead of Wagyu steaks?  Or order pizza locally instead of  having it flown in?  And lose the make-up artist.  I bet you would save quite a bit right there.  Just a thought.

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