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Liz Cheney takes on the “torture” controversy and Norah McDonald as well, and wins. by The Elephant's Child

Liz Cheney, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, is here interviewed on MSNBC, on the interrogation memos and the question of “torture.” Norah McDonald gives a wonderful example of media bias. She can’t quite believe that anyone would have the gall to disagree with President Obama. For an example of disagreeing with a president, see “Afterburner“, a video we posted earlier. Hilarious.

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Norah McDonald is an example of the idiotic talking points the left has devised to attack the former administration. This is an attempt to keep liberals in power, and nothing else. The word “torture” is used again and again and again instead of harsh interrogation techniques. The fact that these techniques prevented more attacks after 9/11 is lost on the left. There is no sense to their argument except to keep Obama in the W hite House.


Comment by Gloria Steinberg

I missed that interview, I am a LIBERAL, but Norah M. is an IDIOT so I am not surprised that she made a fool of herself. Chris M. gives her a script and she follows it and tries to imitate him. MSNBD get rid of NORAH!!!


Comment by Elaine Reynolds

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