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Press Corps Stand for Obama, Sit for Bush by American Elephant

The Ministry of Truth.

The MSM (mainstream media) is no longer in the news business, they are in the propaganda business. They go to work in the morning to attack Republicans,  promote Obama’s agenda, and cover up for the White House and Democrats.  Yes, they are that biased and unprofessional.

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…except they HAVE stood for Bush in other meetings.


Comment by Jonathan Smith

Don’t believe it for a minute.
[edited to correct video link]


Comment by Adam B.

So they have. They stand for all presidents when the president speaks from the East Room or the Rose Garden, and as Adam notes they stood for Bush’s last press conference. But even the press admits that it is customary to NOT rise for a president in the press room, because doing so obstructs the cameras. And yet they jumped to their feet for Obama, eagerly hailing “Mr. President”.

Indeed, it was unusual enough that the Politico, hardly a member of the vast-right wing conspiracy, made this video to note the difference.


Comment by American Elephant

Maybe because they feel Obama respects them. I don’t get the feeling that Bush respected anyone… except kissing and holding hands with the king of Saudi Arabia I suppose.


Comment by Dave

What a silly thing to say. I suppose you believe he kicked kittens and ate puppies too. The only thing you accomplish with such ridiculous hyperbole is to show you are an unreasonable person that no one should bother listening to, congratulations.


Comment by American Elephant

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