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Chicken Little in Full Cry, Oh My! Oh My! by The Elephant's Child
May 27, 2009, 2:30 am
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Chicken Little

How did we get here?  Seems like life was going along comfortably and then suddenly, the sky was falling.  The rain forests were dying, the seas were rising, the globe was heating, there was the ozone layer and acid rain, pollution everywhere, the water was bad, the air was bad, species were endangered, the bald eagle — our national symbol, for heaven’s sake — was endangered, and whatever was happening was clearly all our fault.  Chicken Little in full cry.

Rachel Carson, well-meaning but deluded, wrote a book denouncing DDT.  One thing led to another and the newly created EPA banned DDT, as did the World Health Organization.  After 25 years and 50 million preventable deaths from malaria, in 2006 the WHO  lifted the ban.  But now, the UN has reversed itself and plans to cut back use of DDT by 30 percent by 2015 and a complete phase-out by 2020.  This is politics, not science, and certainly not caring for the children of the poorest people in Africa.  Spraying huts with DDT is the most effective protection against malaria.  Environmentalists just don’t like pesticides in any form.

Well, the seas aren’t rising, or rising so slowly you’d never notice.  There has been a 91 percent decrease in lead in air quality, a 76 percent decrease in carbon monoxide, 68 percent decrease in sulfur dioxide, and the air is really quite clean.  Scientists have discovered that the rain forest re-grows, even in drought.  The substitute for the asthma inhalers that they forced on asthmatics don’t work well.  The bald eagles and the polar bears are just fine. We had a pair of bald eagles sitting on a tree in our front yard last year.

What is it that convinces this generation of people that they are so important that they, and they alone are causing the decline and death of the planet.  If the earth has warmed by one degree, one degree from what?  What is the “right” temperature, and how do we know that is right?  It has been far warmer in the past, and far colder too.  It’s 54° here right now.  It was far colder this winter, and it will probably get up into the 80°s this summer.  What is the right temperature?

Congress is depending on the UN’s IPCC projections of future climate.  The weatherman doesn’t do very well past 7 days in the future.  What makes the IPCC think they can tell us how much warmer it will be in 50 years?  It is their computer climate models, which they program with what they know about today’s climate, add some guesses for what they don’t know, and—poof — out comes the future climate.  Simple.

Except those things they know, like the U.S. temperature record which is the oldest and most reliable of any world temperature record, turns out to not be reliable at all, but falsely warmer because some doofus put the thermometers right next to air conditioner vents or trash burners.  The Arctic is not melting, and they just discovered that ocean currents don’t work the way they thought they did. The IPCC was all set to make the Medieval Warm Period vanish from history, because Michael Mann’s computer climate model didn’t include it.  Unfortunately, real people living in medieval times wrote about the climate and it’s flowering in the finest climate known to man, and artists painted the climate they saw.  The obsession with climate models and the confidence that whatever a computer says is correct, is baffling.  GIGO.

Besides, I understand that the climate models were derived from financial forecasting economic models, and you know how well that worked out.

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Alpaca 1 to Alpaca 2, Alpaca 1 is down, I repeat Alpace one is down….send in the UN, we have too much rain…Alpaca drowning..out!


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