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Alert! Alert! New Information in the Grocery Bag Wars! by The Elephant's Child
May 28, 2009, 4:02 pm
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We previously thoroughly explained the grocery bag wars here.  The whole supposed reason behind the banning of plastic bags was phony.  Shoppers in many locations are urged to buy cloth bags, and in some cities like Seattle are charged 20¢ for each plastic or paper bag.   Since the studies upon which environmentalists rested their silly demands were misrepresented, it took a really uninformed government or the most dedicated of nannies to pass such regulations.

Now we have a new study.  “The main risk is food poisoning“, Dr. Richard Summerbell, research director at Toronto -based Sporometrics and the former chief of medical mycology for the Ontario Ministry of Health said in evaluating the study results.  Other risks include allergic reactions, triggering of asthma attacks, skin infections such as bacterial boils, and ear infections.

The study found that 64 percent of reusable cloth bags were contaminated, and close to 30 percent had bacterial counts higher than what is considered  safe for drinking water.  40 percent of the bags had yeast or mold, and some had an unacceptable presence of coliforms, faecal intestinal bacteria, when there should have been none at all.

The dark, moist, warm interior of a folded, used reusable bag is an ideal incubator for bacteria when it has been infected with a small amount of water and trace food contamination.

The potential for cross-contamination is high when bags are used for successive trips to the grocery.  Check-out staff may transfer microbes if the contaminates get on their hands.  Leaking meat wrappings, water from moist produce, cracked eggs or leaking dairy containers are the fuel for elevated bacterial counts.

Do not use cloth grocery bags for toting gym clothes or diapers or anything but groceries to prevent  any possible exposure to MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant infectious bacterium.  In cases of food poisoning, researchers will have to test reusable bags as well as food products for the source of contaminates.

In the meantime, another little chore is added after you put the groceries away.  Bleach and launder the cloth bags carefully after each use.

Liberals and environmentalists are uninterested in consequences.  They keep sticking us with regulations that don’t work, are dangerous to our health, destructive, and/or useless  in their continued efforts to remake the world in the image of the fantasy in their minds.

Healthcare: Government is the PROBLEM, not the Solution. by American Elephant
May 28, 2009, 3:47 pm
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Great new ad from Patients United Now featuring a Canadian woman warning Americans against socialized health care, one of the few groups I have seen fighting socialized medicine with television ads. The ad is currently playing in 8 states. Help them out if you can.

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