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So You Want The Folks Who Handled the Auto Bailouts to Take Charge of Your Health? Are You Nuts? by The Elephant's Child

President Obama has made it clear that reforming the American health care system is one of his top priorities. Unfortunately, it is not the public’s top priority.  The public’s top priority is reducing the deficit.  To say that the two are not compatible, is simply a truism.  Obama does not plan to give up.

Progressive groups plan to spend $82 million to push government-run health care. This is to be “the crowning achievement of a new era of progressive politics.” The issue is not about health care, it is about power. If  they can get control of your health care, then you become dependent on them for your life and health, and you must always vote to return them to power, lest they take it away.

They are rounding up all the “Progressive” groups to lobby, demonstrate, push and demand that their health care ideas are passed quickly, before you can object.  What is the rush?  Why not take time to figure out the best remedies for health care flaws, and improve the system?

  • You are being told that 46 million people in America are uninsured. That is not true.  The actual number is closer to 8 to 10 million.
  • You are being told that government-run health care will be free. That does not pass the smell test. The government has no money except your taxes and it will be far more expensive. 
  • You are being told that a government-run health insurance plan will compete with private plans. It is being designed to eliminate private insurance plans so that everyone is forced into the government plan (undoubtedly excepting members of Congress and the administration — they like their coverage).
  • You are being told that  taxpayer-financed health care will save money. This is not true.
  • You are being told that electronic medical records will save vast sums of money.  This is not true. And under current technology your private medical records would be open to pretty much anybody, and you would be wide open to identity theft.
  • You are being told that health care organizations have promised to reduce their costs by 1.5 % every year. This is not true. They said they would try to reduce costs by 1.5% by 2015.
  • You are being told that health care reform is entitlement reform. This is not true.  The idea that Congress can cover the uninsured and use the same measures that pay for the health reform to fix the broader budget problems is simply false.
  • You are not being told that voters put more emphasis on deficit cutting over health care reform. But it is true.

A group named “Conservatives for Patients’ Rights” recently bought time on Washington D.C.’s NBC Channel 4 to air a 30-minute broadcast on Sunday after “Meet the Press.” The group described it as a documentary in the style of “60 Minutes” that would “let people see the real consequences of letting the government take over their health care decisions.”

The program has run on other channels, and focuses on the “stalling, wait lists, rationing and withholding of care because of red tape, politics, and bureaucratic foot-dragging that are typical of government-run health care everywhere, especially in Britain and Canada.

Most Americans are unaware of the rationing and other factors that lead to poor health, and even fatalities in socialist health care systems. SEIU (the Service Employees International Union) quickly contacted NBC, claiming that CPR’s program “will be false, deceitful and a distortion” and asked the station to refuse to run the program.

The administration that promised “transparency” is hiding their real intent behind platitudes and promises that don’t stand exposure to the clear light of day.  They are playing politics with your life and your health, and excellent care for you and yours is not what this is about.  It is about power — not yours — but theirs.

Republicans have many ideas for reducing the cost of health care and making it more efficient, but like tort reform, the ideas sometimes are not favorable to groups like trial attorneys that are core Democrat supporters.  The Obama administration is not receptive to Republican ideas.

People who are healthy don’t have much contact with the health care system, nor readily grasp its problems.  It is the people in need who encounter the rationing, the doctors who are leaving medicine, the denial of service, the dirty hospitals, the too-expensive machine, the inability to get a drug or treatment that is too new, too expensive in spite of its promise.  And the one who decides what is too expensive, unneeded, not useful is not you and your doctor, but some bureaucrat in Washington.

Your choice.  You can be passive and let the bureaucrats decide, or make yourself heard.

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