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Obamacare by American Elephant
June 9, 2009, 8:57 am
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The Doctor Will See You

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Amateurish drivel.


Comment by Sally

Hmm. I wonder where my comment went?

Y’know, the one about how stupid this crap is?


Comment by Sally

Sally, why would you assume nationalized healthcare would not result in rationing of healthcare. That has only been the result EVERY other time and place it has been tried.


Comment by Jay Burns

Sad, disturbing, frustrating and devastating. Found you through Michelle Malkin’s poster contest, thanks for standing up for the right side. Well drawn/designed.


Comment by Kirsten Wright

I have one of the posters. The original exhortation is “Doing all you can, brother? BUY WAR BONDS”.
Unfortunately for us, Obama=Chavez. We need a 2nd American Revolution.


Comment by Tom


Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for stopping by.


I collect WWII posters too! But I don’t have this one.

The funny thing about Chavez is that he claims Obama is even further left than he. I don’t quite buy that, but the similarities should worry everyone.

As for a revolution, I think the revolution we need is at the polls in 2010 and 2012. To accomplish that we need a revolution of thought — by that I mean conservatives need to get involved in the public discussion, on blogs, in newspapers, on the radio, TV, and we need to educate our fellow Americans and convince them that Obama’s agenda is harming America, destroying liberty, and trashing our founding principles.

Then we need to work to elect conservatives who will undo the vast damage Obama and the Democrats have done.

I think many Americans are awakening to the mistake they made by putting Obama and Democrats in charge, and I think many more will. But we can’t just hope they will — it’s up to us to convince them.


Comment by American Elephant

How can you possibly ALREADY be advocating for someone to “undo” what Obama has done when he was elected to undo 8 years of havoc wrought by Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and ignorant followers like you?


Comment by Not Sally

Not Sally,
Which policies of havoc is it that Obama is supposedly undoing? Democrats claim the economic crisis is due to the “policies of the last eight years” but, when you press them to name the policies, they can’t, they can only claim it was Bush’s deregulation that caused it. The problem is Sally, that Bush didn’t deregulate anything.

Its funny that Obama supporters can’t specifically explain what it is Bush did that caused the economic crisis, we conservatives CAN explain specifically how Democrat’s socialist policies forcing banks to loan money to bad credit risks, corrupt Democrats at Fannie and Freddy and “community organizers” like Obama suing banks to force them to lend to bad credit risks all caused the financial crisis, and yet it is the very people who have no answers that claim others are ignorant.

And Halliburton? lol.

I can easily and enthusiastically advocate the undoing of everything Obama has done because he has done more harm to the United States in a shorter period of time than any president since Jimmy Carter, and perhaps ever.

He is rapidly changing a country that owes its unprecedented success to its founding principles of limited government and individual liberty, into a country where the people depend on government for everything. Yet people like you gleefully surrender liberty in order to have politicians take care of you. And you call others ignorant?

Shame on you.


Comment by American Elephant

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