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Absorb a Little Uncommon Knowledge. You’ll Be Glad You Did. by The Elephant's Child
June 12, 2009, 1:07 pm
Filed under: Capitalism, Economy, Foreign Policy, History, Law, Middle East, Politics

This week’s guest on Uncommon Knowledge is Dr. Charles Kesler, senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, editor of the Claremont Review of Books and Professor of Government at ClaremontMcKenna College.  He discusses the three great waves of “the Grand Liberal Project,” and the Obama approach.  As always, these videos are fascinating, and offer loads of food for thought.  Each segment is only about 7 minutes long, so it’s easy to watch a chapter at a time.

Previous guests are all available as well:  John Howard, Tom Wolfe, Douglas Feith, T.J. Rogers, Antonin Scalia, Andrew Klavan, and many, many more. Try it once, with your favorite guest, and you will be hooked.   I recommend them highly.

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