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Get a Little “Uncommon Knowledge”. You’ll Be Glad You Did. by The Elephant's Child
June 24, 2009, 3:36 pm
Filed under: Africa, Cool Site of the Day, Developing Nations, Foreign Policy, Freedom

Uncommon Knowledge is back this week as host Peter Robinson interviews Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid; Why Aid Is Not working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa. Dambisa Moyo grew up in Zambia.  She holds a master’s degree from Harvard,an MBA from American University, and a doctorate from Oxford, and has worked for the World Bank and Goldman Sachs.

$1 trillion in aid to Africa over the last 50 years, she says, has done positive harm.  Ten percent of Africans in the 1970s lived in dire circumstances.  Today 70 percent of Africans live on less than $2 a day.  Life expectancy is declining and poverty is endemic.  The “glamor aid” business, so beloved by celebrities, is malignant.  The Chinese, on the other hand, are there to do business and create jobs.

Fascinating discussion, and well worth your time.  Each segment (of 5) is only about 7 minutes.  I recommend them highly. You will find all sorts of interesting people in previous interviews: Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, Thomas Sowell, John Bolton, Andrew Klavan are just a few.

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