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Local Girls Wow America’s Got Talent by American Elephant
June 24, 2009, 4:16 pm
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The Abraham sister’s, or the EriAm Sister’s as they call their group, were a big hit last night on “America’s Got Talent”. Haben (11), Salina (13), and Lianda (15) are from right here in the Pacific Northwest, just down the road in Renton, Washington. And yes, they have talent. The audience gave them a standing ovation and chanted their demand that the judges send them to the next round in Las Vegas. The judges agreed.

I know who I will be rooting for this season, unless of course someone I like better comes along. But that name has to go.

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EriAms or Abrahams? I thought the meaning of it reflects on what makes America so beautiful. A melting pot of various people that get equal opportunity in the land of promis. The name seems to recognize this fact proudly. I didn’t get from your writing why you didn’t like their name?


Comment by rohanda

The name “The EriAm Sisters” is the one I don’t like. When I first heard it, I thought they said the Aryan sisters. I just think its an awkward name and they could do much better. Even just their family name. the Abraham Sisters would be much better.


Comment by American Elephant

The fact that they call them selves EriAm I do not like. It sound like ARYAN. By the way, are they Ethiopian?


Comment by gezu


I believe their heritage is Eritrean. Which is where they get the “Eri” in “EriAm.”


Comment by American Elephant

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