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Brussels Busybodies Back Off Banned Bananas. by The Elephant's Child
July 1, 2009, 8:16 pm
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European greengrocers have been released from restrictions on the appearance of fruits and vegetables that have bedeviled them for 20 years.  Busybodies in Brussels have long issued regulations on the shape of a proper carrot, the curve that a banana must have, the lumpiness of a potato.  The reasons for all this intrusion in shoppers’ lives were mysterious, but the bans have been lifted.  Reason reigns.

“J Sainsbury said that consumers could save up to 40 percent.”  Forty percent off the average European’s grocery bill.  Mother Nature wins.  Not every carrot grows long and svelte, but a farmer loses a lot by having to sort out all the ungainly ones.

The relaxation of the ban doesn’t cover everything, but it’s a start.  Shoppers are perfectly able to sort out what they want to buy for themselves, and don’t need the intrusive edicts from the Nannies.  Nannies here need to pay attention before they get big ideas.

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