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Strange Doings at the State Department by The Elephant's Child
July 30, 2009, 12:49 am
Filed under: Foreign Policy, Latin America

Today the United States Government revoked the diplomatic visas of four members of  Honduras’ government. President Obama thinks it is more important to defer to Communist thugs Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.  We need to understand the constitutional action that led to President  Zelaya’s removal.

In reality, Zelaya broke 17 Honduran laws classified as “high crimes.” They included holding an unconstitutional referendum, defying the high court, whipping up mobs, taking Chavista cash, robbing the Central Bank and preloading computers with referendum “results” before the illegal referendum was even held.

Venezuela’s Chavez has successfully taken over the Venezuelan presidency permanently, and was busily helping President Zelaya to do the same.  President Obama has decided that this was a “coup” and he is going to tell the Hondurans to ignore their laws and their Constitution and reinstate Zelaya.  How did the Honduran Supreme Court dare to act according to their constitution and remove Zelaya?  They should have waited for the One’s approval.

This foreign policy of bullying everyone, Chicago style, is embarrassing, and apparently comes now at the behest of  former president Zelaya.  According to the Central American News Agency, the former president has retreated to the mountains, and sent a letter to Obama asking him to ramp up the pressure on the interim government, and suggesting the “revocation of visas” to those involved in his ouster, and the freezing of bank accounts, especially that of Judge Jose Tomas Arturo Valle, the chairman of the 16-member supreme court who signed the ruling ordering the detention of Zelaya.

The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court removed Zelaya from office weeks on June 28, so increasing the pressure now is a little odd.  But the U.S. is increasingly throwing its weight around internationally.  Obama is telling the Israelis where in Israel they may live and Obama is “reaching out” to Syria’s Assad, another of the Middle East’s dictators.  And now they are trying to have talks with the Taliban.   The State Department is on the wrong side here.    President Obama is on the wrong side.

It would be interesting to understand why Obama wants to pander to tinpot dictators all over the world, and bully our democratic allies who are trying to preserve their democracies and their freedom.  So far, his “reaching out”, and “dialogue” has gotten him nothing but insults and contempt, but I guess hope springs eternal.

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