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August 4, 2009, 6:49 pm
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Dear Leader 1

Dear Leader 2

Dear Leader 3

For a group of people who keep insisting they aren’t socialists or communists, why do they keep behaving like them?

Conservatives want freedom. Liberals want a “Dear Leader” to take care of them.

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Can you tell me Bush’s birthday? Or Clinton’s, or Reagan’s, or Carters. I don’t remember any other president getting such a huge birthday celebration in the press. Am I wrong here?


Comment by Jay Burns

I certainly couldn’t without looking them up. And, you are absolutely right. Even Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays don’t get this much attention, and we’ve made theirs a national holiday!


Comment by American Elephant


Comment by Ed Darrell

lol. Nice try Ed. That is one of MANY images hung on outside a private museum to advertise a portrait exhibit by fashion photographer, Richard Avedon, who is a DEMOCRAT. So, if anything, you prove my point about how liberals behave.

Had you shown the museum from another angle, you would have shown the truth, that the image of Reagan was only one of many, and you would have seen other portraits, like thisor this

But you weren’t attempting to be truthful, you were attempting to dishonestly pretend that republicans behave the same way.

A point you have utterly failed to make.

It wasn’t the white house or capitol building, or any government building for that matter, it wasnt one image, it was many images, and it wasn’t even done by Republicans it was done by Democrats.

Failed on all accounts.


Comment by American Elephant

What a crock of BS


Comment by Scott MacKay

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