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Well, At Least Someone is Turning People In For Disparaging ObamaCare! by The Elephant's Child
August 15, 2009, 10:03 pm
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Keith Hennessey, who was senior economic adviser to President George W. Bush,  has responded to President Obama’s call for citizens to turn in those that are making “fishy” statements about health care reform.  He found someone who is clearly making questionable statements.  Such admirable bipartisan and cooperative effort by a former member of the former administration should be celebrated rather than condemned.  You can see his  letter to the White House here.

Mr. Hennessey— proprietor of the website Keith — is an extremely valuable guide through the financial turmoil we are facing, and I recommend his work without reservation.   It helps to have an insider guide you through the ways of the White House.  Bookmark his website, or sign up for his emails.

ADDENDUM: The Obama administration has quietly shut down the” website” where “fishy” statements were to be reported.  Tons of indignant Conservatives turned themselves in and Keith Hennessey was not alone in turning  in Douglas Elmendorf.  I imagine that most of the polling organizations who are recording Obama’s fall in the polls and the public disapproval of ObamaCare in its entirity were turned in too.   Just as well,  it is against the law for Presidents to establish enemies lists.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pre-Existing Conditions. by The Elephant's Child

The problem of “pre-existing conditions” is one that is vastly misunderstood.  The house health care plan admits all, including those with pre-existing conditions.  Essentially, that means that someone can sign up for insurance right after they are diagnosed with severe heart problems and expect the insurance to pay for their heart bypass.  Or a young couple can decline insurance until they get pregnant and then expect insurance to pay for the obstetrician and the hospital delivery.  This after-the-fact freeloading is an expensive problem.

I am not a lawyer, but John Hinderaker at the Power Line Blog is, and he explains the problems and definitions very clearly.   Mr Hinderaker is commenting on an article in the Wall Street Journal in which John H. Cochrane of the University of Chicago offers a free market solution instead of the budget-busting proposal before Congress.  The same article is linked in the Power Line post.  I would urge you to read both pieces, for the more you understand, the more you can protect yourself.

There are free market solutions to almost every problem that the Democrat Congress sees as a problem that demands government control of our lives and our privacy by the wise minds in Washington D.C.

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