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Here’s Someone I Want You To Meet, And Get to Know. by The Elephant's Child

Meet Keith Hennessey.  He is the former head of the National Economic Council, under President Bush.  Prior to that he was the Number 2 man at the same agency. He has a degree in math from Stanford and a public policy degree at Harvard’s Kennedy School.  Economist Greg Mankiw says that “in his heart he is an econonerd.  In his spare time when he was at the White House, he was reading David Romer’s graduate-level textbook, Advanced Macroeconomics, just for fun.”

Mr. Hennessey has a blog, which I have recommended several times.  He explains economic problems clearly and thoroughly.  He has been analyzing President Obama’s Town Hall appearance in Portsmouth. New Hampshire, in a number of separate comments.  He has now reduced that to a memo covering the whole thing.  It’s a little long , but will explain the health care debate thoroughly.  Bookmark his website, or sign up for his e-mails.  You will be glad you did.

Why Do You Suppose President Obama’s Approval Ratings are Going South? Is It a Matter of Honesty? by The Elephant's Child

President Obama’s job approval rates are plummeting.  The Kaiser Family Foundation found that 89 percent of Americans with health insurance are satisfied with the health care they receive.  70 percent of the uninsured are either satisfied or very satisfied with their care.  A new NBC/WSJ poll just being released this evening  indicates that 47 percent disapprove with President Obama’s handling of the health care issue while only 41 percent approve in a poll that is skewed to 41 percent Democrats and 29 percent Republicans. Gallup has job disapproval at 49 percent.   The primary reason for disapproval is “spending too much.”

The IBD/TIPP poll (Aug 18) asked citizens to grade Obama on Health Care Policy.  31.4 percent gave him an F- (unacceptable), and 11.8 percent rated him D (or poor).  Rasmussen found that 40 percent strongly disapprove and only 33 percent approve.  Pew reported in March that a majority said that “People are better off in a free market economy.” In the last month, since Barack Obama spoke to seniors at the AARP, 60,000 older Americans have canceled their membership in the AARP, many mailing in their cut-up cards.

One would assume that members of Congress would take notice of public opinion about the imposition of some form of ObamaCare.  E-mails, phone calls and angry crowds at town hall meetings  are noticed, but blamed on — radical right-wing organizations, Sarah Palin, Insurance Companies,  George Bush and just the general stupidity of the American public.

Nancy Pelosi (45 percent disapprove) Steny Hoyer (that goes for him too) remain determined to pass their bill promptly.  They know better, you see.  Once they are in total control of your lives, you will learn to love them accept what they think is good for you.

Two things should especially inform you.  Democrats have no interest in your opinion,or  in what the people want.  They have wanted this control over your lives for over 50 years and they mean to have it.  The fact that government control always results in rationing, higher costs and poorer quality makes no difference at all.  New Zealand’s public health care system is in dire financial straits after a decade of high inflation.

The second notable item is that they have no intention of participating in this plan themselves. None. They have passed a law excluding themselves.

Obama seemed to be backing off from the “public option” and substituting  “co-ops” instead (no difference, just another Trojan horse).  But Congressional Democrats said they are not giving up the public option, and would push ahead alone, and the hell with all of you. (That’s my addition, but accurate).

The United States Marine Corps is Going Green. by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2009, 3:07 am
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The Marine Corps is sending an additional 10,000 troops into Afghanistan.  And with them goes a team of  energy conservation experts seeking ways to reduce the costs of keeping American boots on the ground.

Fuel is one of the Marines’ largest expenses.  Getting fuel and supplies into land locked Afghanistan is expensive and convoys are often threatened with roadside bombs.

The Marines use air conditioners to keep tents cool, and the Pentagon is anxious to “reduce such extravagance” in war time.  They will be trying out spraying foam insulation onto the exterior of the tents.

President Obama recently agreed to expand the Army by 22,000 troops.  This will ease the strain on those who are enduring their 3rd or 4th deployment.  This expansion will cost about $1.5 billion.

Obama asked lawmakers to redirect money from the budget directed to equipment. President Obama said the funding could come from “lower priority” requirements that are “no longer needed at the current time.” His letter says that the Pentagon’s “latest assessment is that existing resources …are sufficient to satisfy the immediate need.”

Send troops into combat, but cut back on the equipment, and be sure to reduce any extravagance.  I mean they’re just fighting,  not going on junkets or vacationing in stylish places.   They’re srong young men and women. They can suck it up.

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