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The United States Marine Corps is Going Green. by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2009, 3:07 am
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The Marine Corps is sending an additional 10,000 troops into Afghanistan.  And with them goes a team of  energy conservation experts seeking ways to reduce the costs of keeping American boots on the ground.

Fuel is one of the Marines’ largest expenses.  Getting fuel and supplies into land locked Afghanistan is expensive and convoys are often threatened with roadside bombs.

The Marines use air conditioners to keep tents cool, and the Pentagon is anxious to “reduce such extravagance” in war time.  They will be trying out spraying foam insulation onto the exterior of the tents.

President Obama recently agreed to expand the Army by 22,000 troops.  This will ease the strain on those who are enduring their 3rd or 4th deployment.  This expansion will cost about $1.5 billion.

Obama asked lawmakers to redirect money from the budget directed to equipment. President Obama said the funding could come from “lower priority” requirements that are “no longer needed at the current time.” His letter says that the Pentagon’s “latest assessment is that existing resources …are sufficient to satisfy the immediate need.”

Send troops into combat, but cut back on the equipment, and be sure to reduce any extravagance.  I mean they’re just fighting,  not going on junkets or vacationing in stylish places.   They’re srong young men and women. They can suck it up.


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have they finally lost their minds?


Comment by JW



Comment by The Elephant's Child

BHO has reduced the military budget in many areas (primarily in not replacing old equipment with new) while increasing the numbers of troops in Afghanistan. Rather than inflict such hardships on our military, of all people, I propose the following to reduce even more waste and save much, much more in federal spending:

Cut the numbers of Congress in half. After that, cut their salaries by 20 percent and their staff by 20 percent. Any member of Congress who is a lawyer gets taxed an additional 10 percent.

Make Pelosi give up her private jet that taxpayers fund. Force her to fly coach.

Spray foam on all congressional buildings on The Hill, and turn off Congress’s air conditioning (summer) and heat (winter).

Have Obama pay for his Japanese kobe steak ($100 per pound) for his White House parties out of pocket until we no longer have a deficit.

Make Congress give up their taxpayer-funded “free premium health” and enroll in the ObamaCare plan. Limit terms of office and cut-off life-long pension payouts to members of Congress. Cancel franking.

“Salary-cap” all Obama supporters in the film industry. Likewise in the music industry and TV industry. Definitely salary-cap Katie Couric… I don’t know what she’s being paid, but I’m sure it’s too much.

Cancel TARP, the porkulus bill, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, all welfare programs, all entitlements to illegal aliens, and all taxes that penalize the wealthy for being wealthy… then give 1 million dollars to every living American citizen. If there is money left-over, give money to selected dead American citizens.

Stimulus, baby, stimulus!

Could indeed knock the deficit out of the red and into the black… especially that extra tax on lawyers in Congress.

All kidding aside: Penalizing our military by “nickel and diming” them in the war zones while there is horrific waste elsewhere in the government is both cowardly and short-sighted. Clinton cut back on pay to our troops so much that military families were forced to go on food stamps. We can’t let that happen again.


Comment by ClassicFilm

LOL, You really made me laugh. You know if the President had immediately placed orders for replacement of all the worn out military equipment, that would have injected far more money and jobs into the economy than the stimulus, and quicker too. The Pelosi Air Force has been canceled, but I’m not sure about her own jet. Thanks for a good chuckle.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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