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Obamacare Preview: Family told by NHS: Alzheimer’s is not a ‘health condition’ by American Elephant
August 21, 2009, 4:50 am
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NHS Worcestershire ruled that Judith Roe, 74, did not qualify for NHS funding because her condition was a “social” rather than “health” problem, even though she was so ill she could not make a cup of tea and regularly left the stove on. She was forced to sell her £200,000 home to pay her £600-a-week nursing home fees, which would have been funded if she had been categorised correctly. Mrs Roe’s family appealed to the Health Service Ombudsman, which ruled that Mrs Roe’s assessment had been incorrect and her treatment should have been funded by the NHS…

Mrs Roe, a retired church warden and school teacher, was diagnosed in 2002 with severe Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons. Under English law, elderly people must pay for their own residential care unless their needs are deemed health-related. She was assessed but her needs were regarded to be social rather than health, meaning she did not qualify for funding. [read more]

Daniel Hannan Speaks at the Army-Navy Club, August, 2009 by The Elephant's Child
August 21, 2009, 12:38 am
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Daniel Hannan is a British member of the European Parliament, for South East England.  Americans have taken him to their hearts for his staunch conservatism, his affection for America and his love of his own country.  He is a marvelous speaker, and this may well be the Speech of the Year.  Don’t miss a moment of it.

Investigating and Intimidating Your Political Opposition Is The Act of an Out-of-Control Congress. by The Elephant's Child

We knew that Democrats were trying to blame insurance companies for the terrible state of health care. Since America has the best health care in the world, that seemed like a kind of spin designed for exceptionally gullible dummies.

The other option is to understand how the involvement of government and government mandates have complicated and damaged the health care industry. But demonizing health insurance companies seemed like a good idea at the time. Everybody has had terrible experiences with insurance companies denying care, dropping you if you get sick, or do they? Polls show that most Americans with insurance are happy with their insurance.

Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) have sent a three-page letter to the country’s top insurance providers demanding that 52 insurance companies provide them with detailed documentation on their executive compensation policies, what they spend on conferences and other business practices. This is a clear attempt to intimidate an industry that has been demonized by a political party, into giving up information that can be spun against them in some kind of class envy. And it is disgusting. Who do Mr. Waxman and Mr. Stupak think they are, and what country do they think this is?  East Germany?

The Democrats “request” compels insurers to produce “detailed compensation data for board members and top executives” and asks for a “table listing all conferences, retreats or other events held outside company facilities from January 1, 2007 to the present that were paid for, reimbursed or subsidized in whole or in part by your company.”

These are American companies. Their proper response should be a unanimous and resounding NO. This is pure political harassment. No member of Congress has any reason to believe that the insurance companies have acted criminally.  The business of the insurance companies is none of Congress’ damned business.

The American people need to remember their heritage as free people.   We were founded in resistance to an out-of-control government, and we demanded liberty for ourselves and responsibility from the government to whom we gave designated powers.  Those powers are enumerated in the world’s oldest Constitution, and they are limited. Congressmen who cannot seem to remember that simple fact should be replaced.

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