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25 Years Ago Today by American Elephant
August 23, 2009, 3:22 pm
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It was 25 years ago on this very day that Ronald Wilson Reagan accepted the nomination of the Republican party for his second term as president of the United States of America. He had put the country on the mend from the devastation wreaked by Jimmy Carter and a Democrat congress. He spoke without equivocation of tried and true conservatism, and was the poster child for its efficacy. The speech is particularly appropriate today as Barack Obama leads the nation back to the malaise and command and control Statism of the Carter years. Should be required watching for every Republican politician in America.

Compare Reagan’s confident conservatism with the uncertainty inherent in the speeches by so-called moderates like John McCain for whom government is sometimes the answer and sometimes not. How can you lead when you have to take a poll to find out what you believe?

Listen closely to this speech, you will hear much of it copied by Barack Obama in 2012.

(h/t The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library)

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Reagan tripled the U.S. debt, provided arms to Iran and al-Qaeda, was responsible for the S&L Crisis, and our economy was worse during his first term than under Carter. He also canceled programs that would have put us on the road to energy independence. He was a horrible president.


Comment by Ben Hoffman


Being a liberal, you are naturally unaware that the constitution mandates that congress write the budgets,and not the president. Your ignorance is understandable when Obama and the Democrats run around blaming Republicans for the economy even though when Republicans handed over control of congress to Democrats in January of 2007, the economy was growing briskly, and continued growing until a year after Democrats took over. It was not until Democrats had been instigating their policies, budgets for a year that the economy went into recession, and not until TWO years after Democrats took control that the financial crisis struck.

Under Republicans, the deficit was on track to be eliminated by 2010 after which surpluses could have been used to eliminate the debt. Unfortunately, the Democrats very first budget tripled the deficit, making it bigger than ANY the Republicans had had, and their second budget more than quadrupled that record debt.

Democrats have now spent more than ALL the congresses since the beginning of our nation combined.

Likewise, President Reagan had heavily Democratic congresses (the reason then, as now, that the country was in such bad shape), and he used his veto pen frequently, but they were able to override his vetoes.

And yes, Carter’s disastrous policies continued to harm the economy after that miserable wretch of a man and the worst president we have ever had, left office. But Reagan did turn the country around, and instigated the longest period of growth in American history.

And Carter’s energy policies, FAR from “putting us on the road to energy independence”, gave us energy shortages, brownouts, and gas lines that looked like something you would expect in Soviet Russia. Democrat policies have CAUSED our dependence on foreign energy by blocking us from using our own energy sources. Democrats have banned offshore and onshore drilling, blocked ALL attempts to build nuclear plants, coal plants, refineries, pipelines, heck, even Ted Kennedy has sued to block windmills from sullying his million dollar views. (Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment). Carters idiotic energy policy, which is the current Democrats idiotic energy policy, was to force Americans to pay for solar and other non-viable sources, and put on a sweater, while blocking any attempts to provide real energy.

Ronald Reagan most certainly did not provide weapons to al Qaeda. He provided weapons to the Muhajadeen who were fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan — an invasion that utterly took the feckless, worthless Jimmy Carter by complete surprise, as he famously explained, because the Soviets told him they wouldn’t. This is the same Jimmy Carter who turned his back on our ally the Shah, enabling his overthrow, and turned his back on pro-democracy movement in Iran in favor of the Mullahs, whom he said he could work with, because “they’re religious.” Jimmy Carter is easily the worst president of the last 50 years and quite possibly the worst president ever. So bad that a new index had to be invented to measure just how bad things were under his so-called leadership.

He is a vile, hateful man who has never met a dictator who he didn’t love, who tried to get our enemies in Soviet Russia to influence our election to keep him in power, and whose disastrous foreign policy we are still paying for to this day.

Ronald Reagan was a great man who is recognized by both conservative and liberal historians alike as one of the greatest presidents in American history. He ranks seventh, and his ranking increases every time the survey is taken. Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, ranks 30th (out of 39 at that time), and his ranking continues to move down. Within a generation I believe Carter will be right down at the bottom where he belongs.


Comment by American Elephant

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