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Eco-Geniuses Cry Doom at Sight of Melting Ice Cubes by American Elephant

Ice figures are pictured on the steps of the concert hall at Gendarmenmarkt

The same liberals who arrogantly claim they want to “return science to it’s rightful place”, are just now learning that ice cubes melt in the summer sun. (They think it represents our impending doom).

Forget the climate, we will be lucky if we survive the next 4 years if this is what passes for scientific enlightenment.


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Yeah, they have been replacing science with their junk science for years.
If what they call science is going to get the recognition they want, we are all in for trouble and that will be the doom they are trying to foster.


Comment by 12stepgolf

Do you know what an artistic statement is?

Or are you just terminally stupid?


Comment by BahRayMew

Yes, BahRayMew. It was the simple-mindedness of the “art” which I was criticizing. Do you know what trite and banal are?


Comment by American Elephant

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