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Woman Schools Her Democrat Congressman on how Competition REALLY Works by American Elephant

The government cannot compete with the private market, it can only undermine, hamstring and penalize the private market, while subsidizing itself.

That’s not competition, that’s sabotage! Which is exactly what Democrats are doing now and have been doing all along: intentionally hamstringing and sabotaging the private health care industry while growing the public health care sector. Always inching America closer and closer to government-run, single-payer health care. It has always been their goal, it is their goal now, and no matter how they finesse things in the coming days, it will remain the goal of ANY health care legislation they pass.

Tort reform? Ha! Even Howard Dean admitted they won’t touch it because trial lawyers own them.

Democrats are not the solution to the health care problem, Democrats have CAUSED the health care problem, and they intend to keep making it worse and worse until they can take over the remainder of the industry.

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