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The Bumper Sticker to Unite America by American Elephant

One Term Blunder Bumper Sticker

It’s hardly news that Barack Obama is deeply unpopular with conservatives, independents and all constitution-loving, liberty-loving patriots everywhere.  But now even the liberal left, impatient to have their minority, dictatorial will shoved down Americans’ unwilling throats, is grumbling about running a candidate against Obama in the Democratic primary.

Finally! Something we can all agree on: Obama has GOT to GO!

Most Americans disapprove of him because he is too dictatorial, nationalizing private industry like Hugo Chavez on crack, liberals are angry because he isn’t dictatorial enough. I say, why quibble over details!? Let’s unite behind the bigger idea and kick this incompetent commie to the curb!

Electing Obama to the presidency was an enormous, catastrophic BLUNDER that we and our posterity will be paying for for generations to come. You know it, I know it, heck, even he knows it — he just doesn’t care. So, be the first on your block to get the bumper sticker! (Also available in t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, bags, yard signs, protest signs, coffee mugs, doggy t’s and more!)

One Term Blunder ShirtObama Blunder Button

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Get one for yourself and one for each of your liberal friends. And while you’re at it, check out our other designs as well! (More are on the way!)

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” liberty-loving patriots everywhere”
Did George Bush write this? Fear tactics deployed here, suggesting if you’re not some fucking idiotic right winger, you’re not a patriot.

“even the liberal left, impatient to have their minority, dictatorial will shoved down Americans’ unwilling throats”
Would that be the minority that voted for Obama in the first place? Doesn’t that count as a majority?

“Electing Obama to the presidency was an enormous, catastrophic BLUNDER”
– You people elected Bush………twice!!! The rest of the World still doesn’t understand how one Nation can be so pathetically stupid. But then, you’re America, it’s what you do best. Along with arrogance, ignorant destruction, and horrendous misinformation and propaganda (Fox News specifically, is excellent at all of that).


Comment by futiledemocracy

No fear tactics whatsoever futile. Thats what Obama does. I simply point out that people who seize control of industry after industry and work to make people dependent on government for their very lives are not patriots, and do not love liberty, but are tyrants who wish to impose their will on others. Thats not fear, thats the truth.

And no, the majority that voted for Obama does NOT support his health care plan. The majority OPPOSE his plan. Indeed, a majority now disapprove of him in general THE fastest decline to disapproval of any president ever.

Yes, we did elect Bush twice, and wish that we could have him back. He removed TWO avowed enemies of the US (and the West) and dangerous rogue regimes from power and replaced them with free and democratic allies. He liberated 50 million people. He kept us safe for 8 years with no loss of liberty unlike all the Democrats who were war presidents before him. He turned around a recession, kept us from entering a second recession after 9/11, and turned it into 52 MONTHS of continuous economic growth. THE longest period of sustained economic growth ever, which didnt stop until a year AFTER Republicans lost congress, and a year AFTER Democrats took control of both houses of congress and thus all the purse strings. (You do realize that congress, NOT the president writes all the budgets and all the laws?) And he tried over 25 times to reform Fannie and Freddie which would have averted the entire financial crisis, but Democrats blocked him every time.

If president Bush had gotten his way, and Democrats had not filibustered reform, we most likely never would have had the financial crisis to begin with. But Democrats were protecting their corrupt cash cow, their cronies at fannie and freddie and their socialist policies that caused the crisis in the first place.

And like the rest of the world does so often, you have mouthed off without knowing what on Earth you’re talking about, and show yourself to be the only one who is “pathetically stupid”.


Comment by American Elephant

maybe you can get your beloved Bush to return to the scene of the catastrophe he left us


Comment by davis

Sorry Davis, President Bush didn’t leave the catastrophe for us, Democrats in congress did. President Bush tried over 25 times to prevent the crisis and Democrats blocked him every single time. He and Republicans tried over 25 times since 2001 to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac warning that if we did not reform them it would lead to exactly the kind of financial crisis that happened. Those reforms would have prevented this economic crisis.

Democrats blocked that reform every time, because they wanted to protect their socialist programs that caused the crisis to begin with (forcing banks to make loans to people that were bad credit risks); because Fannie and Freddie were run by Democrat cronies like Obama advisers Frank Raines and Jim Johnston, and Clinton crony, Jamie Gorelick, who were all giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses the more bad loans they got banks to make; and because Democrats were getting huge campaign contributions from those cronies.

And please dont ever forget the recession didnt start until a year after Democrats took over both houses of congress, and the financial crisis didnt happen until TWO years after Democrats took office. The economy was growing robustly at over 3% when Republicans left office, and continued to grow for a full year until Democrat budgets, and Democrat policies and the threat of a Democrat president became too much for it.

All of which Barack Obama voted for while he was still a senator in the majority.

And since Democrats were in control of congress since two years before the crisis, where is the legislation THEY tried to pass to prevent it? Where is the legislation they tried to pass that shows they even had a clue?

So please do’nt regurgitate your ignorant Democrat lies here. We have the facts.


Comment by American Elephant

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LOL! I love it! Thanks!


Comment by ShannonTexas

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