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Yet Another Reason Americans Don’t Trust Democrats With National Security… by American Elephant
September 12, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Because they think this

Obama Painting

is an appropriate way to memorialize this

9-11 impact

It’s not. It’s shameful.

Just so you know, the entirely inappropriate idea of turning the anniversary of the biggest attack on our nation’s soil since the War of 1812 into a “Day of Service” is an orchestrated, cynical political ploy by Democrats who feared that remembering 9/11 would be of political benefit to Republicans, and so wanted to “take back 9/11” — apparently by ignoring it altogether, or at best giving it very short shrift.

A quick moment of silence, and then spend the rest of the day installing compact fluorescent light bulbs or recycling! Grrrr!

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for volunteerism (and not meaningless, time-wasting “green” volunteerism, but volunteerism that actually helps). And unlike Obama, I believe volunteering means volunteering, not being paid. But my response to Democrats’  outrageous “Day of Service” proposal, is the same as your parents told you when you were a small child and you asked them why there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no “Children’s Day” — because every day is children’s day! Likewise, helping others is something we should be doing all year long, not on some designated holiday once a year. But if you make a “National Service Day” that is precisely what you promote: one day of service.

More importantly, remembering, and in so doing, comparing, the service of police and firefighters who lost their lives racing into towering infernos trying to save others by  painting living rooms, is not honoring their service at ALL, it is a MOCKERY of their sacrifice! Not to mention a mockery of the attacks.

Oh, how I wish I had more time to blog about this. As you can tell, it’s got my dander up. The more I think about it the more incensed I am.

This must not stand. This must not become a national tradition. I expect Republicans, as soon as they get back in power, to restore the focus of this day where it should be, on the attacks and response to 9/11.

What do you think?

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Republicans didn’t take the threat of terrorism seriously and allowed us to be attacked. How people could think they’re better at protecting the country is beyond me.


Comment by Ben Hoffman

They most certainly did. The Bush administration started off taking it much more seriously that the Clinton administration, which gave up numerous opportunities to kill or take custody of Bin Laden because they were worried about the polls, and who are the very reason the CIA and FBI were not allowed to coordinate their intelligence findings, because Clinton crony Jamie Gorelick, intentionally increased the obstacles that prevented them from talking to one another (referred to by the 9/11 commission as “the Wall”) so that they would not be able to discover the Clinton administration’s illegal foreign campaign contributions.

Which are just SOME of the reasons Clinton’s national security adviser Sandy Berger had to steal and destroy top secret documents from the national archives.

And Republicans, unlike Democrats have actually taken action to prevent further attacks KILLING and disrupting the vast majority of al Qaeda’s leadership and abilities, removing two state sponsors of terrorism, and turning a former avowed enemy of the United States into a free and democratic ally.

Democrats on the other hand prefer to arrest terrorists AFTER they have killed Americans.

Republicans pour water up the noses of three proven terrorist masterminds, saving the lives of thousands of Americans by preventing attacks that were in the works, while Democrats whine that this treatment that neither hurts nor does any physical or mental damage is mean, and therefore constitutes “torture”.

And these are just some of the many, MANY reasons that, regardless what you think, Americans DO trust Republicans far more on national security and believe, as they have for decades, and rightly so, that your party is weak and cannot be trusted to keep the nation safe.


Comment by American Elephant

Elephants remember, Jackassis forget-9/11


Comment by Pocolala

If Bush was so committed to fighting terrorism, why did he go on vacation for the entire month of August, at which time he wasn’t even briefed on security matters?

The stuff you wrote about Clinton has been thoroughly discredited.


Comment by Ben Hoffman

He didn’t “go on vacation for the entire month of August”. He went to Crawford for the entire month of August. He was working most of the time. He held meetings, hosted visitors, took and made calls, held press conferences. He had everything that is available to him in the White House available at his Ranch including his advisors, assistants, and most of his cabinet.

And no, none of what I wrote about Clinton has been discredited. It is all part of the historical record.

But I notice you have no argument to counter the fact that Americans dont trust Democrats on national security. (or any other major issue for that matter)


Comment by American Elephant

Very true, Pocolala!


Comment by American Elephant

Great article! I feel the exact same way and thank you for pointing out that volunteering does not mean you get paid! This has been driving me crazy. Volunteer so many hours and the government will PAY for some of your schooling. And when the volunteering is just a photo-op, it is despicable. At least put on an old pair of jeans Obama you fink!


Comment by dsgawrsh

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