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What did YOUR kids learn today? by American Elephant
September 24, 2009, 4:54 am
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In New Jersey, they are learning to praise Obama in song:

[Update: This same woman has pushed her creepy program on kids in Washington DC, MD, PA and NY as well.]

In San Francisco, “Mr. B” is teaching his students to praise Obama in song, dance AND with pictures!

(I love that in a song at least ostensibly about being proud Americans, the children are drawing Mexican flags and writing in Spanish)

In Illinois, they are being taught to follow Obama unflinchingly.

While other students are being taught that Obama’s health care rhetoric is the gospel truth. As Smart Girl Politics reports, they are even being quizzed on his statements as though they were fact:


I’ve listed my answers here:

1) None.

2) A lot more since Obama became president! And getting the economy growing would do far more to help them than anything Democrats propose.


1.Undermine and over-regulate the private market.
2. Force people onto a government run plan.
3. Single-payer baby!


  1. Giving consumers what they want
  2. Succeeding.

5) Dishonestly.

6) Yes.

7) Whatever he thought he needed to say to get the bill passed, with almost no regard for the truth.

8 ) Make them permanent wards of the State, and thus the Democrat party. (That is, until they grow old or get sick at which time the benefits of assisted suicide will lovingly be explained to them by billy-club-wielding SEIU members.)

9) In ways that won’t pay for it.

10) I was irritated by the beginning, middle and end. I was inspired by the part where he talked about how he wouldn’t be president forever.

Do you think I would have passed? I rather doubt it.

My niece writes like an escaped homicidal maniac because her school feels it no longer has the time to teach penmanship. And let’s not even get started on how badly schools are failing at teaching out children accurate history, civics, mathematics, English, and science. Yet they have nothing but time when it comes to broadcasting presidential platitudes, using them as a ‘teaching moment”, or brainwashing your kids about the environment, and any number of other liberal agenda items.

I think we conservatives generally have a hard time believing that other people could really be so devious as to try to teach our children things we would object to.

They could and do.

Liberal activists have been working to increase their influence over your kids for decades. They work though legislatures, local governments and within the education system to make sure their agenda is taught as fact. The Obama worship is almost small potatoes by comparison.

So, what DID your kid learn in school today? Was it true? Do you know what they are being taught regarding  history? America? Capitalism? Religion? Do they know how their teachers feel about political issues, individual politicians or religion? (They shouldn’t.) Ever investigated what their text books teach?

Just curious.

(h/t Michelle Malkin)


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[…] Thanks to those who linked to yesterday’s post on New Trier (IL) High School’s Obama speech indoctrination. I surely won’t catch ‘em all, and I’ll update today if I see any more, but here goes: Michelle Malkin, Underground Conservative, Backyard Conservative, Sword at the Ready, Conservative Liberal, American Elephant. […]


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This is nothing more than indoctrination.How did this happen and why isn’t there an outcry from parents?


Comment by jlue

I remember talking to a colleague of mine about Obama’s future financial plan for our country VS McCain’s when he was running for office. Without out a moment of hesitation he stated “I like Obama’s financial plan and health care plan for the country much better that John McCain’s. When I asked him what this plan was he could not tell me. His stated to me that Obama sounds better…. And there we have it. The all important smoke and mirrors. When his office is over I have no doubt that he will have an awesome career as the world’s greatest magician. Even having other magicians scratching their heads saying “how did he do that”?


Comment by Keith

Let’s hope voters like that have learned from their mistake!


Comment by American Elephant

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