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Help Obama Win the Heisman Trophy! by American Elephant
October 9, 2009, 4:48 pm
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You can nominate and vote for him here.

After all, he’s done more to deserve it than he has the Nobel.

(h/t Washington Examiner via Gay Patriot)

Most Overhyped, Unaccomplished Celebrity in History Wins World’s Most Meaningless Award by American Elephant
October 9, 2009, 4:59 am
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Free in every box!

Nobel Prize

Two years after awarding the “prize” to Al Gore for his propaganda film, the Nobel committee has awarded the once coveted waste of precious metal to a man whom even Saturday Night Live recognizes has done squat.

But before that mildly rebuking skit was even finished, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had started work furiously “fact checking” the comedy sketch and, apparently, half a world away, the Nobel committee had decided their purported prestige was urgently needed to prop-up a prostrate presidency as well.

Seriously, what is the rush?

Why not wait until next year, the year after, or God forbid at least ’til the end of his term when Obama has actually (ostensibly) accomplished something…anything?!

Could it be that the SNL skit made them realize that Obama’s presidency is in desperate trouble of becoming a joke? With nothing under his belt but a skyrocketing deficit, climbing unemployment, and a deeply unpopular health care catastrophe, perhaps these leftist organizations are simply trying to resuscitate Obama’s failing presidency.

But their plan has backfired; rather than lifting up Obama with their unwarranted accolades, CNN and the Nobel Committee have simply made themselves into laughingstocks as well.


The Senate Plays Bait & Switch. There is No Baucus Bill! by The Elephant's Child

THERE IS NO BAUCUS BILL. The Congressional Budget Office scored the “concepts” described by the Senate Finance Committee.  There is no legislative text.  None.  The CBO’s disclaimer:

CBO and JCT’s analysis is preliminary in large part because the Chairman’s mark, as amended, has not yet been embodied in legislative language.

It is 27 pages of bad ideas and concepts that will not work.  Ask a Lawyer, or ask a law professor at Legal Insurrection.

The concepts are disastrous.  The Senators on the Senate Finance Committee will not be voting on legislation because THERE IS NO BAUCUS BILL.  Some of them will be willing to vote in favor of legislation which does not exist.

The actual legislation will be drafted in secret by Harry Reid and a few other people including staffers whose names and political connections you will never know.  The resulting legislation is to be rammed through the Senate and House before anyone gets to read it or analyze it.  It is all smoke and mirrors by people who think you are too stupid to realize what is going on.

Nobody has seen it because it has not yet been embodied in legal language.   It is an estimate of a concept.  It cuts Medicare by billions, raises taxes on everyone, increases insurance premiums, ends most employer sponsored insurance and dumps everyone into a government plan, and leaves 25 million of the 30 million still uninsured.

The proposal would reduce Medicare payment rates by about 25 percent for 2011.  Since payments at present do not reimburse physicians, how many doctors are going to keep taking Medicare patients? The preliminary estimates have nothing to do with what the legislation will ultimately cost.

These are  unrealistic figures whisked by CBO in order to make the news and soothe worried voters who are increasingly turning against ObamaCare, as they learn more about it.  But that is the point.  They want to get it passed before anyone finds out what it involves.

The numbers are phony, but the claims of net “deficit reduction” do not result from spending efficiencies. There are no spending efficiencies.  It is all tax increases under one name or another.

They start with the wretched idealization of complete government control, and  like a pack of slavering dogs tearing apart the carcass of American liberty, add gobbets of blood and flesh in the form of hard earned savings torn from the pockets of the citizenry.

The promise of ethics is discarded, transparency was a mere passing thought, and truth and honesty and duty do not exist in their dank committee rooms.  They are a disgusting bunch.

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