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“V” the mini-series Being Re-Written to Remove Aliens’ Eerie Resemblance to Obama Presidency by American Elephant

Obama V

Imagine that! Empty platitudes of “hope” and “change” spawning hero worship of unknown newcomers who promise to deliver you heaven on Earth if only you give them power over you! Who insist in return only that the media not ask uncomfortable questions. But as always, people who want power over you have agendas of their own!

No wonder ABC is rewriting the show

The new one might be seen as commentary on contemporary politics. The teasers running on ABC offer a hint of this. “They gave us hope. We gave them our trust.” Who does that bring to mind? Of course, the Visitors (hence the title), after promising things like universal health care and peace in a one world government, turn out to be totally evil. They attempt to seize control of the media, favoring those who don’t challenge them or ask probing questions about their real agenda, which turns out to be the annihilation of humanity. The heroes are everyday people, who form a grass roots resistance movement. Supposedly, the show is being slightly reconceptualized to soften or remove events some might interpret as negative parallels to today.

…because it resembles the reality of Obama/Democrat rule too closely!

What do you want to bet the changes were demanded by the White House after the trailers first appeared last summer?

The same White House that hounds reporters and networks about how they portray Obama? And ABC? The home of ABC “News”? Former home of current Obama Snitch Czar Linda Douglass? The network that refuses to sell “The Path to 9/11” at the Clinton and Democrat’s request?

I’d put money on it!

(h/t: Ace)

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if the trailers came out last summer, bush was still in office.



Comment by jello


The last summer we had was summer 2009. Obama was sworn in last winter. Summer comes after winter. Obama was president. Bush was president the summer BEFORE last.

Thank you for confirming everything we say about liberals.


Comment by American Elephant

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