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54% Oppose Obamacare, Only 42% Support it by American Elephant

Support for Obamacare has always been weak. He was able to garner majority support for a brief moment following his infamous and very deceptive speech in which millions of Americans around the country were shouting along with Representative Joe Wilson, “YOU LIE!”

Since then, despite the administrations best efforts to demonize anyone and everyone who gets out the truth about his plans, the American people have nonetheless learned what Obamacare will mean to them. This bill will cause our rates to skyrocket, cause our taxes to skyrocket, make care harder to get, and will force millions of Americans to give up the private care we want and force them onto public plans we don’t. Which, Americans are increasingly coming to understand, is the purpose behind everything Democrats are doing.

Support for Obamacare has now fallen to 42%, while opposition remains strong at 54%.

Which is why Democrats are having to figure out ways to avoid a filibuster even though that party holds a filibuster-proof majority.

Have you contacted your Representatives lately? Phone them first, then email them. We must keep the heat on them because the radical majority of that party intends to pass the bill one way or another. We must let their members know that doing so will cost them their jobs.

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