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Lies, Deceit, Fraud, Falsehood and Misrepresentation. by The Elephant's Child

hoax n. An act intended to deceive or trick, either as a practical joke or as a serious fraud.

Last Monday, the wire services, cable news stations and Web sites reported that the U.S. Chamber fo Commerce had recanted its opposition to climate-change legislation.  Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

It was a hoax.  Incredibly (well maybe not so incredibly), the hoax was perpetrated by an activist group in a room at the National Press Club in Washington in front of reporters who’ve risen to the top of their industry.  The hoaxers had created a fake web site and faked a Chamber press release.

The made-up press conference ran about 20 minutes until someone from the real Chamber of Commerce showed up yelling. “This is a fraud!”  Too late.  Credulous TV and wire reporters had sent the Chamber’s climate flip-flop into an already confused world.

With fakery everywhere—some of it amusing, some of it not funny—people’s ability to know where things fall on the spectrum between fact and falsity becomes so compromised that they retreat into a shell of cynicism about everything.  And there is a lot to process; 9/11 deniers, Iranian Holocaust deniers, Obama birthers.  Lily Tomlin provided the epigraph for our age: “I try to be cynical, but it’s hard to keep up.” (…)

One can argue that all this reality bending remains harmless.  Much of it’s just entertainment and the rest is reversible.  People adjust.  Living deep inside this new electronic forest, the human animal has learned to adapt.  But the one presumably important area of life that seems to be having a hard time adapting to the reality of pandemic doubt is politics.

American politics long ago came up with its own word for shaping reality—spin.  Being professionals, the politicians got away with a lot of it.

Now with more people decked out in protective coats of cynicism, it’s gotten harder for the pols to sell their grand schemes.  Ask President Obama.

The whole article is available here. The credulity and willingness of the press to believe anything that fits with their political leanings is distressing.  But when you are told a lie by an authority and believe it and act on it, the ripples of that lie go on and on, damaging everything they touch.

This president has no compunctions about “the facts” he uses to try to sell his health reform plan, including the fact that there is, as yet, no health reform plan. There is a Senate Finance Committee bill (the Baucus Bill) which is not yet put into legal language, so it doesn’t really exist and the committee members who voted it out were voting for a bunch of concepts, not prospective laws.  There’s the old dead House bill, and a new one that is being written in back rooms with closed doors, and much of it passes far beyond “hoax” to outright fraud.

Much of our economy is being rearranged (and bankrupted) to “save the world” from a global warming that simply is a normal function of a climate that is always warming and cooling; and from CO2 that is not a pollutant, not a cause of global warming, and only a trace gas in the atmosphere.

Far from everyone having to worry about their “carbon footprint”, most of the CO2 in the atmosphere rises from the oceans in a long cycle of hundreds of years.  CO2 is necessary to life itself, for it is a natural fertilizer—it makes plants grow.  No CO2, no life.  That simple.  We do not have enough of it, for we are still recovering from the last ice age.  The times in the past when we had far more CO2 in the atmosphere were far more beneficial to all life on earth.

You may call it spin, but it really qualifies as serious fraud.

Irresponsible, Opportunistic, Corrupt President Causes National Panic for Political Gain by American Elephant



Obama declares swine flu a national emergency, becoming the ONLY national leader in the entire world to have done so.

Meanwhile the regular seasonal flu affects far more people, and causes far more death than the swine flu ever will. For all the hysteria whipped up by Obama and his administration, the H1N1 “swine” flu  has killed 1,000 people this year — plain old seasonal influenza, on the other hand, kills over 30 times that many people — an average of 36,000 Americans every year– and I don’t see Obama calling it a “national emergency.”

The number of seasonal influenza-associated (i.e., seasonal flu-related) deaths varies from year to year because flu seasons often fluctuate in length and severity. CDC estimated that about 36,000 people died of seasonal flu-related causes each year, on average, during the 1990s in the United States. [Center for Disease Control]

Nor will Obama declare the plain old seasonal flu an emergency because it is not sensational and he can’t use it to whip up fear and political support for his fascist health care takeover.

Meanwhile, the hysteria Obama is whipping up over swine flu will result in more deaths, not less, as millions of people who don’t need vaccines clog the system, making it harder for those who need the vaccine to get one. The vaccine is already in short supply. And will cost taxpayers billions more as the declaration makes federal dollars available to for Obama’s marketing ploy.

But that is the self-described Motus Operandi of this most corrupt, Alinskyite thug — “never let a crisis go to waste.” And when there isn’t a real crisis handy, manufacture one.

Can’t we impeach this crook yet?

Green Porn! by The Elephant's Child
October 24, 2009, 2:56 am
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Environmental extremists in the United Kingdom are probably even “greener” than our own native eco-extremists, but this commercial shown on British television steps over any number of lines. Truth is just one of them.

After more than 350 public complaints, the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority is reviewing the commercial for “scaremongering” and “misleading the public.”

Janet Daley of The Telegraph calls it “propaganda in the strict technical sense of the word.”

That is to say, it is an attempt by the state to manipulate opinion and evoke emotional reactions without offering argument or evidence for its case. It accepts uncritically the most extreme rendition of the anthropogenic global warming narrative as if it were entirely uncontentious and presents it in the most sentimentally evocative possible way (ie as a threat to one’s own children and to defenseless creatures generally). It uses the techniques once associated with totalitarian societies not to persuade (which is what advertising properly does) but to coerce: to create fear and guilt. And to what purpose? Without offering constructive argument or serious explanation of the options, we can only assume that this is a campaign designed to browbeat the public into accepting any new restrictions or “green” taxes which government may choose to impose. Fortunately, it seems that ordinary people still have the independence of mind to know when they are being bullied.

The environmental movement has long depended on baby animals —whatever is cute and furry.  Polar bears were claimed to be “threatened” specifically to help prevent any drilling for petroleum in Alaska or offshore in the Northern Slope.  Adult bears are handsome, and cubs are adorable. They have thrived in warmer times and cooler times (climate is always changing) for over 150,000 years, but environmental lawyers needed a photogenic symbol to assist their case in court.

It is indeed green porn.

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