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Only a Tiny Amount of CO2, and They Want to Rearrange the Entire Economy! by The Elephant's Child
October 28, 2009, 3:12 am
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The percentage of carbon dioxide (CO2) is the atmosphere is really very small.  The percentage of the CO2 that is derived from human causes is very, very small.  Most of the CO2 in the atmosphere rises from the sea and has nothing to do with people at all.

You know in the videos that you see about global warming, they always show great black factory smokestacks belching out grey-white clouds of horrible pollution?  Not pollution.  It’s water vapor — steam.  Most of the “greenhouse gasses” aren’t CO2 at all, they are water vapor in the form of clouds, mist and fog.

The Waxman-Markey House climate bill is estimated to cut Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by a cumulative $9.4 trillion by 2015.  Emission permit costs for energy  could top $300 billion a year by 2035. A typical family of four could pay $829 more annually just for electricity, and up to $4,600 for energy, food and consumer goods.

This is a massive wealth transfer to carbon traders, bureaucrats, activists and other preferred groups from hydrocarbon users.  Massive job killer.  According to European experience in Spain and Germany, the much touted “green jobs” come at the expense of two jobs in the regular economy for every green job.

All for perfectly natural global warming and cooling — which the planet has always done, warming and cooling.  It has been vastly warmer in the past— the finest weather known to man — and a lot cooler too.  This is a phony crisis, for a very tiny amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is essential to life.  Without it, we wouldn’t be here.  Do you suppose that Waxman, Markey, Boxer and Kerry all flunked high school biology?

And You Were Saying About the Outrageous Profits of the Health Insurance Companies? by The Elephant's Child

60 Minutes did a fine report on Medicare fraud this past Sunday.  Medicare fraud is now estimated to total about $60 billion a year. The government insurance program that provides health care to 46 million elderly and disabled Americans provides a rich income stream for criminals who are constantly finding new ways to steal much of the half-trillion dollars that are paid out in Medicare benefits.

In South Florida, the only visible evidence of the crime are thousands of tiny clinics and pharmacies that occupy low-rent strip malls.  $60 billion is a lot of money.  Medicare loses seven times as much money to fraud than the combined profits of the 14 health insurance companies listed on the Fortune 500.

The reason that the “public option” is supposedly better than private insurance is the government’s low administrative costs.  The major reason why private insurance has higher administrative costs is that unlike the federal government, the private insurance companies make a serious effort to combat fraud. (emphasis added)

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