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This Is What They’re After. Why Do They Feel The Need To Lie About It? by The Elephant's Child

National Review featured a symposium today, with the question “Can ObamaCare Be Stopped?” The consensus was, yes it can, if Congress starts listening to the American people. The American people are worried about the economy, not health care, which is pretty low on their list of priorities.  They think health care should be reformed, but they are deeply concerned about the cost.

Democrats make it clear that their aim is single-payer, government-run health care, but they never explain why.  They have wanted single-payer, government-run health care practically forever, but most of the people we see in the video above are members of Congress, and they have not the slightest intention of participating in such a plan themselves.  That should tell you a whole lot about the plan.

The experience of other countries should lead to a lot more serious reflection and careful planning that have been evident in anything we have heard about the Democrat plans. And despite all the promises of transparency, we haven’t seen any plan at all.

Above all, consider the tendency of everyone involved to lie about the contents of legislation, write the bills in closed back rooms and refuse to allow anyone to see them.

The impression in Washington is that there was a lot of push back this summer with the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings, but that interest has declined.

Congress needs to know what people’s concerns are.  They don’t, I am told pay attention to emails, but they do pay attention to phone calls, especially when the volume is high.  Call your congressional representatives in both the House and  the Senate, not just once but daily.  Let them know how you feel.

For your congressman’s phone number, check your phone book under U.S. Government, or go to or and follow directions.  The bill will be harder to pass in the Senate, so your senators are more important.  While you’re at it, call some of the blue dog Democrats, especially those in first year seats. Call over and over again, tell your friends and relatives to do so as well.

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