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Hoffman Wins! by American Elephant
November 4, 2009, 4:32 am
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(photo sent in by reader Jeremayakovka who lives in NY-23)

No, he didn’t win the election, but he scored a big victory for conservatives nonetheless. He put the Republican party on notice that

  1. They cannot win without conservative support. And
  2. If they continue to put up liberal, big-government candidates like Dede [D] Scuzzyfavors, they will continue to lose.

Which strikes me as a very good message for the party establishment to get heading into 2010. Particularly at the same time that an across the board conservative candidate scored a record-breaking victory in Virginia, and a fiscally conservative candidate wins the governorship in New freakin’ Jersey.

The Hoffman win also sends a very important message to conservatives of all stripes across America — that if conservatives want to win, they must work within the two party system. Hoffman would have won had he been the Republican candidate. He did better than anyone thought he could just a few months ago, but lost, in the end, because third parties do not have the organization, the manpower, the funding, or the trust of the American people. Say what you will about the Republican party, but the American people know it, it is familiar, and they have at least a vague, general sense what it stands for. (Lets not forget, either, that according to both Rassmussen and CNN, Americans now trust the Republican party more on every major issue, than they do Democrats.) It is all too easy to paint someone running on a third party ticket as too extreme for the mainstream. Indeed their candidacy is itself an admission that they are too extreme to work within the two-party system.

But conservatives, and Hoffman supporters, must not rest on their laurels. The party apparatus that nominated Dede Scuzzyfavors in NY-23 is still in place. We cannot assume that they are receptive to the message the Hoffman candidacy sent. Afterall, they nominated Dede [D] — that means they are of the opinion that she is the right direction for the party to go. It is up to conservatives in NY-23 to get involved in the party, and make certain that those same people are not in a position to pick next year’s nominee.

Indeed, all across the country, conservatives must make certain that their local party is being led by people who want to advance conservative principles over liberal RINOS. No, it doesn’t mean that every candidate can be conservative. Nor does it mean that the Republican party is not a big tent.

It means that conservativism won Republicans the majority and big government Republican “moderates” put us right back in the minority. It means that while there is plenty of room for “moderates” in the Republican party, that doesn’t mean they have the right to lead it! Indeed, since they are responsible for our minority status, they don’t get to lead it anymore.

What is So Wrong With Our Health Care System That it Requires 1,990 Pages of Mandates? by The Elephant's Child

Polls tell us that most Americans who have health insurance are quite satisfied with it.  Most Americans are well satisfied with the health care that they receive, including a lot of people who are uninsured.  So what is so wrong with our health care system that requires reorganizing one sixth of our economy?

  • Some Americans are uninsured and cannot afford health insurance.
    The first number was 46 million uninsured. Then it went down to 30 million when illegal immigrants were excluded from the list.  When you remove those who are already entitled to insurance from an existing program, and remove those who can afford health insurance but choose not to purchase it, you are left with somewhere around 9 to 12 million who need help. The current House bill  still leaves something over 20 million people still uninsured.
  • Some people are uninsured for only fairly short periods between jobs.
    Many of these folks find Cobra Coverage too expensive. Nothing in the bills addresses this problem.
  • There are huge amounts of fraud and waste in Medicare — estimated at $60 billion Completely  unaddressed.  Medicare funding is being sharply cut ($150 billion) to reduce the cost of the legislation.  Medicare is going broke.  That is also unaddressed.
  • Health insurance just costs too much.
    Private insurance premiums could triple under ObamaCare.  Government health insurance premiums could increase by $4,000 per family by 2020. Unaddressed.
  • Health care just costs too much.
    It will cost far more under ObamaCare. Things that are proven to reduce costs like medical liability (defensive medicine) are not only not included in the bills, they are specifically excluded.  Trial lawyers are second only to labor unions in their financial support for Democrats.  Some of the increased costs will come in the form of taxes.  The Senate bill proposes a brand new tax on medical devices like heart valves, pacemakers, stents, artificial hips, insulin pumps; a ten-year $400 billion tax on all implements that retail for $100 or more. It works out to an $11,000 surcharge on every worker employed in that industry. Consequences —massive job losses, squashed innovation.
  • Health insurance can’t follow a person to a new job, it’s not portable.
    This is completely unaddressed.
  • Health insurance cannot be purchased across state lines, and in some states there is little choice among insurers.
    Unaddressed, since the object of ObamaCare is to funnel everyone into single-payer government-run health care.
  • States must bear much of the cost of Medicaid, and they are going broke. ObamaCare funnels many more people into Medicaid, increasing costs to the states without reimbursing the states.  Unaddressed.

What is it that is known to cut costs, improve ways of doing things, increase innovation and preserve and prolong life?  In the vast history of the world, it has always been freedom and the free market. People create when there are potential rewards for their innovations.  Doctors devise new treatments when they are not restricted by 1,990 pages of rules and mandates that punishes them for not following the rules, but interacting with patients.  The word “shall” appears in the House bill 3,425 times — each time a mandate about what one must do.

Democrats believe that 111 new agencies, programs and bureaucracies filled with smart people (like their supporters and friends) can fix all the things that are wrong with health care.

Health care takes place only between doctor and patient — those bureaucrats wandering around the halls of Congress can’t fix your hurts, no matter how much they tinker with legislation.

It took years of study, learning and practice to produce the physicians who can fix our hurts and do their damnedest to cure our diseases and prolong our lives. Each of us is different.  We are not the same — but products of our genetics and our environment and our habits, and we cannot be healed by either Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s efforts to control our lives.

Democrats have not learned from evidence.  People who have experienced government health care in countries around the world have urged us: “Don’t do what we did.” Democrats ignore countries who are going broke from their efforts to control health care.  They do not learn from countries that are unnecessarily killing their citizens by rationing care.  And so they are repeating those errors.  The Democrats will ration.  It is inevitable.  It is the only way they have left, because they will not do any of the things that would cut costs.

It was never about health anyway.  It is only about control.

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