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Sometimes a Good Graphic Chart Really Helps to Make Things Clear! by The Elephant's Child

A while back, we posted a chart of the bureaucracy created by the House Democrat’s Health Care bill, which shows the many offices, committees, groups, programs, corps, centers, committees, funds and departments that would insert themselves between you and your doctor and your health care.

It’s pretty horrifying to consider all those bureaucrats with their sticky fingers deciding what you can have and what you shall do. The white parts are the existing bureaus.  The colored parts are what is added by the bill.

Well, if you remember, that bill came in far too expensive, so they went behind closed doors and reworked the whole thing , so they got everyone’s favorite give-aways in and figured out new ways to bring the cost down.  That part was hard, but they figured if you started paying the taxes and penalties right away, but put off any of the costs until 2014, that was a good way to make the costs over the next ten years look much, much better.

But just about everybody in the back rooms had things to add, and some had to be added as bribes for people who didn’t want to vote for the bill.  So here is the new chart of the bureaucracy for PelosiCare.  You will be astounded by how much they have added.  I was.  You will recognize the original chart in the center.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what they have to promise, or what they exclude to get votes. Their plan  is to get the government firmly in control.  Then they can put back in the things that they took out.  They can tinker and ration, refuse treatments that they think are too expensive, or medicines that are too new.  They are already planning to tax wheelchairs, pacemakers, artificial hips, hearing aids and other medical equipment.

We have the world’s best health-care system.  It has some problems that are pretty easily solved.  But when you refuse to indulge any of the proven ways of saving money, as Democrats have, all that is left is rationing, or paying less for everything.  When you pay less, you don’t get the same goods.

The purpose of the American health care system is saving lives.  The purpose of the Democrats’ health care plan is saving money.

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