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King County Washington Passes a “Sanctuary County” Regulation for Illegals. by The Elephant's Child
November 10, 2009, 3:31 am
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The King County Washington, (Seattle) County Council on this day declared that King County would henceforth  be a Sanctuary County for illegal immigrants.

Newly elected, SEIU sponsored, King County Executive Dow Constantine will replace Ron Sims who has gone back to Washington D.C. as President Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  The Sanctuary vote will be one of Mr. Constantine’s last as a council member, and as a major liberal, his vote was the deciding one.

The Sanctuary designation makes it illegal for county employees to inquire about immigration status of people with whom they come in contact.  Word is apparently out in the illegal community that King County has rolled out the welcome mat for social services, benefits and welfare. Mr. Constantine has been particularly interested in cutting down on the prison population.

Coincidentally, King County’s budget is deeply in the hole, and unemployment is rising, but I’m sure that is just a coincidence.  Boeing is moving to South Carolina.

Does it occur to anyone that encouraging illegal immigrants to come to Seattle will — increase unemployment for King County residents?  Employment of illegals has never been a matter of, as is much quoted “jobs Americans won’t do”.  They take jobs that Americans would be happy to do, and do it for less. Liberals just don’t get “consequences.”

Liberal do-goodism is going to do us all in.

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It seems to me, that the COUNTY employees cant make such inquiries, but what about mass reports to INS from anonymous private individuals?


Comment by Mike Lovell

I’m sure private individuals still can, and I think city governments within the county can, but I’m not certain about that. It is infuriating.


Comment by American Elephant

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