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Drilling For Scotch That Has Been On the Rocks Since 1909 by The Elephant's Child
November 16, 2009, 10:00 pm
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They are going to drill! Greg Pollowitz reports in Planet Gore:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A beverage company has asked a team to drill through Antarctica’s ice for a lost cache of some vintage Scotch whiskey that has been on the rocks since a century ago.

The drillers will be trying to reach two crates of McKinlay and Co. whiskey that were shipped to the Antarctic by British polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton as part of his abandoned 1909 expedition.

Whyte & Mackay, the drinks group that now owns McKinlay and Co., has asked for a sample of the 100-year-old scotch for a series of tests that could decide whether to relaunch the now-defunct Scotch.

Workers from New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust will use special drills to reach the crates, frozen in Antarctic ice under the Nimrod Expedition hut near Cape Royds.

This is Shackleton’s Nimrod Expedition hut near Cape Royds.  It is clear that we have been using the wrong incentives.  We want them to drill for oil.  100-year-old Scotch beats petroleum any time.  (I could have gone off into a long rant here about putting corn into our gas tanks and not into moonshine, but I will spare you).

Nutroots Demand Boycott of The Onion! by American Elephant
November 16, 2009, 6:41 pm
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Not yet, but really, it’s inevitable after this isn’t it?

(h/t Hot Air)

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