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Spending $6.4 Billion to Create Jobs in 440 Non-existent Congressional Districts. Brilliant! by The Elephant's Child

The government’s Web site,,  that is supposed to be the administration’s effort at transparency in informing taxpayers just how their stimulus dollars are being spent — and which spends $84 million to do so — shows that $6.4 billion has been spent to create jobs in 440 congressional districts that do not exist.

For example, the 15th Congressional District of Arizona, where 30 jobs were saved with $761,420 in spending, according to, the official government Web site.  ABC News reports:”There is no 15th Congressional District in Arizona, the state has only eight districts.”

The site reports that North Dakota”s 99th district received $2 million in stimulus funding. North Dakota has only one congressional district.  Washington D.C. supposedly contained 35 congressional districts according to the Web site.

Phantom Congressional districts are only part of the problem. The administration wants to laugh the whole thing off as ordinary human  mistakes. Republicans in Congress warned that the hastily passed stimulus bill would be subject to massive fraud.  Though creating non-existent districts is a little over-the-top. It didn’t even take an Inspector General to find this fraud.

There have been reports, long before the fake districts surfaced, of pretend jobs, of pay raises called new jobs, of stimulus funds going to supporters, and even simple confusion about government paperwork. There are no indications that the administration will fess up, nor that anyone will get more than their hands slapped, in spite of Michael Ramirez’s wonderful cartoon from Investors Business Daily.

Jonah Goldberg reported on “Chicago Math,”  November 4, in the Corner:  from the AP:

President Barack Obama’s economic recovery program saved 935 jobs at the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, an impressive success story for the stimulus plan.  Trouble is, only 508 people work there.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Some Head Start preschool programs reported that stimulus money saved the job of every staff member who received a cost-of-living pay raise, according to their filings. Some colleges and universities counted every part-time student work-study position as a full-time job, according to their reports, which are published online at (…)

“Holy moly, that’s not right,” Teresa Cox, executive director of the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency in Salem, Ore., said of her organization’s report. It indicated that 205 jobs were created or saved with the agency’s $397,761 federal grant. The money, she said, was used for pay raises.

Economist Veronique de Rugy noted in The American that stimulus funds did not target high-unemployment states, and has a lovely chart to plot the number of  “jobs created” for each 100,000 people in every state’s labor force and the corresponding unemployment rate in that state.

Now that the real unemployment rate — the one that includes people who have quit looking, those who are working part-time while wanting full-time employment — has climbed to over 17 percent, the administration is going to have a symposium on trying to figure out how to create jobs.  The problem is that they have no idea, no idea at all.

ADDENDUM: has posted a guide to the Stimulus, District by (Phantom) District. Learn to what non-existent districts in your state, real funds have supposedly gone.  According to the list,  Washington state’s (phantom) 39th district got $300,000, but didn’t create a single job.  The OO district created three jobs for only $2.25 million.  Since the districts don’t exist, where oh where has the money gone?

Reason #7,294 The Associated Press Can’t Be Trusted by American Elephant
November 18, 2009, 4:17 am
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The Associated Press has assigned 11 reporters to “fact check” every page of Sarah Palin’s new 432 page memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life. The number of reporters they assigned to fact check recent books by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, both Clintons and Ted Kennedy? Zero.

That’s not reporting, that’s an agenda.

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