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Meltdown! Barbara Boxer Wants Criminal Hackers to Pay for Disrupting Her Plans. by The Elephant's Child

The term “ClimateGate” was reluctantly coined 13 days ago by James Delingpole in the Telegraph. He was reluctant because “Gate” has become trite from over use, but on the other hand it quickly and clearly indicates “Scandal.”  And scandal is what we have.

I just checked on Google, and the term “global warming” has received 10,400,000 hits, “climate change” has received 22,800,000 hits, and “ClimateGate” in only 13 days has received 28,600,000 hits.  Pretty amazing.

What it points out, I think, is that ordinary people don’t like being lied to.  At the same time, the absence of the whole thing from the pages of most newspapers is notable.  The subject mostly does not cross the lips of our elected representatives who are in complete denial.

Senator Barbara Boxer is quite sure that she knows who the real villains in the ClimateGate scandal are.  And to no one’s surprise, they are not the scientists who have hidden data, fudged numbers, discarded evidence, committed widespread scientific fraud, and suppressed the views of scientists who disagreed with them.

No, the problem is the hacking of the emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and she sees it as a “criminal matter” that is worthy of investigation by the United States Senate.  Her committee wants to get to the bottom of the matter.  Well, she had a lot invested in climate change, cap-and-trade, green jobs and everything green.

The consensus seems to be that it probably was not a “hacker” but an internal whistleblower.  And exposing fraud is a good thing, isn’t it?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by American Elephant
December 3, 2009, 5:29 am
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Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. Only a holiday to celebrate the joy of the birth of Christ could in turn celebrate so much that is good — faith, family, friends, heritage, tradition, life. Giving gifts, spreading joy and beauty, helping the needy, bringing light into the darkest times of the year. I love both the secular and religious aspects of the holiday because I think they ALL serve to celebrate the joy that Christ is born.

I also have more Christmas music than any normal person should probably have. I can’t help it. I love songs with good melody and the Christmas songs that actually live long enough for people to remember are among the best. And since this year in particular seems extra dark for so many people, it seems even more appropriate to haul out the holly just a little bit earlier.

So, I will be sharing many of those throughout the holiday — I hope to share some of my favorites that perhaps you haven’t heard before, but that depends on which songs I can find actual performances of on YouTube. Since our blog started snowing today, prompting me to put up a Christmas header, I’ll start off with this live performance of a most appropriate classic by Perry Como, but I hope to share some more obscure songs with you as well — if  I can only find them online.

And I am always looking for new carols and new versions of carols that I haven’t heard before, so please tell me what your favorites are as well!

Merry Christmas!

Republicans in Congress are Working Hard to Stop the Healthcare Takeover by American Elephant
December 3, 2009, 5:00 am
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Moe Lane has the skinny:

In their first shot at the measure this week, Republicans decided to try to strike at the heart of how Democrats plan to pay for the $848 billion measure by attempting to eliminate the proposal’s almost $440 billion in Medicare cuts.

But instead of offering a conventional amendment, they decided to use an esoteric procedural tactic that would send the bill back to committee with instructions to eliminate the cuts. If successful, the GOP’s gambit would force Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to use time-consuming procedures and hold another filibuster-killing vote on whether to restart debate on the bill.

That takes it off the floor, requires another committee vote, delays the bill, and ticks off Senate Democrats.  The ‘delays the bill’ part is probably the most important thing, here: health care rationing just isn’t popular these days.

But there is only so much they can do with parliamentary tricks against a Democrat super-majority. They need your help. Be sure to tell them you appreciate their efforts, and help them out by putting pressure on the Democrats. Here’s another way to help.

Go Army! by American Elephant
December 3, 2009, 4:34 am
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A U.S. Army cadet reads a book entitled "Kill Bin Laden" ...

A U.S. Army cadet reads a book entitled Kill Bin Laden as he waits with other cadets for U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver an address on U.S. policy and the war in Afghanistan at the U.S. [read more]

Drudge reports that he was reading it during Obama’s speech, which I suspect is an error.  I think those young cadets are far too disciplined and respectful to do that, no matter how much they may have wanted to. Still it’s nice to see this clever cadet expressing himself with a clarity and resolve that the president failed to muster.

His neighbor was reading Brad Thor.

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