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Cool Website of the Day! by The Elephant's Child

And it’s brand new.  The American Revolution Center is designed to educate about the era of the War of Independence. There is a stunningly beautiful timeline of the period, a collection of Colonial artifacts, a quiz to see what you know. Great site for kids to learn a little more about our history that is often neglected in our schools.

The collections are introduced with a very short (turn your volume down) drum tattoo. I had my volume turned up, and the two cats who sleep next to the monitor went flying, scattering papers asunder.  Other than that, it is a beautifully designed website with lots to learn about a very important period in our history.

Lieberman: Yeah, Obamacare is a Trojan Horse for Socialized Medicine by American Elephant
December 5, 2009, 3:21 pm
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Democrats have admitted it, on video, to their supporters, and yet they deny it to our faces. We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying.

They don’t care.

No wonder 71 percent of Americans are seething at government: there is nothing people hate more than a bald-faced liar who keeps right on lying even when they’ve been caught red-handed at it.

That’s why “progressives” hate Joe Lieberman so much; he pulls back the curtain and exposes them for the liars they are. And he does so again today in an interview with Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal where he admits that yes, the public option is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for single-payer — Democrats have told him so.

Sussex Carol by American Elephant
December 5, 2009, 8:19 am
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I love traditional English carols, particularly the less familiar ones. They always remind me of my English grandma. Sussex Carol was, “first published in the 17th century by Luke Wadding, a 17th-century Irish bishop, in a work called Small Garland of Pious and Godly Songs. It is not clear whether Wadding wrote the song or was recording an earlier composition.” It is performed here by the choir of King’s College, Cambridge, one of the best in the world.

Canada Adds 79,100 Jobs. Somebody is Doing Something Right. by The Elephant's Child
December 5, 2009, 3:19 am
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While the United States lost another 11,000 jobs in November, Canada has added 79,100 jobs, five times more than expected. Their jobless rate fell to 8.5 percent from October’s 8.6 percent.

One very interesting source of jobs up north, is a new $90 million SUV plant owned by — General Motors.

Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Free Markets, Free Trade and Other Unfashionable Notions. by The Elephant's Child
December 5, 2009, 2:59 am
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The United States lost another 11,000 jobs last month, and everyone is celebrating because 11,000 is fewer jobs lost than in September, and the smallest monthly number since the recession began.  I guess that if you are grasping at straws you grab onto anything that floats.

Democrats are really concerned about the unemployment situation.  People vote their pocketbooks and mid-term elections are coming next year. If you include those who involuntarily have only part-time work and those who want a job but have stopped looking, the under-employment rate is 17.5 percent, a postwar peak.  When everyone is really concerned it is important to look as if you are doing something, so the President held a “Jobs Summit.

He invited union people and environmentalists, liberal economists from academia, some high-tech companies and Wall-Street types, but not the U.S. Chamber of Commerce nor the National Federation of Independent Business.  Liberals labor under the illusion that jobs are created largely by the government.

They are still dreaming of non-existent “green jobs,” though so far all the green-job money is going to China, where wind turbines are being manufactured.  We have all sorts of businesses in the private sector here who replace windows, install insulation, caulk doors and windows, but they are mostly hurting for business, in spite of government rebates.

Government does not create jobs.  Government takes taxpayer money and gives it to people for performing a task.  No product is created, and less money goes back into the economy than was taken from taxpayers. The ‘multiplier-effect’ doesn’t seem to work.

Jobs are created by the private sector, and mostly by small business. (Not mom-and-pop small business or free-lance small business, but growing businesses with 15-50 or so employees) hoping to get bigger.

Businesses will hire when they feel some confidence that they can succeed in their endeavors.  Right now, all they see in the near future is uncertainty.  Taxes are going up, but how much is unknown.  Health care reform is claimed to save money, but anyone who has been paying attention knows that it will cost in the trillions.  The government is intent on cap-and-trade in spite of the revelations of ClimateGate, which will also cost the economy trillions of dollars.  Credit for small business has dried up and there is uncertainty about new financial regulation, more bank failures and bailouts.

No administration going back as far as Teddy Roosevelt  has had a cabinet with so little experience in the private sector.   It is no wonder that they simply have no idea how jobs are created.  They are notably unenthusiastic about capitalism and  free enterprise, which they blame for most everything that they cannot blame on Bush.The President says he will have a plan by next Tuesday.  Congress is wondering about spending the rest of the TARP money, the remainder of the stimulus funds that are not being saved for just before the election, or leftover bailout money.  Quite a bit of that is supposed to be our money, but once the government get their hands on it it is government money.

My bet is that the plan will not include tax-relief  for business, health care reform will neither be dropped nor scaled back, and there will be continued war on coal companies and  subsidies for uneconomic wind farms and solar arrays will continue or increase.  Freedom is not really on the table.

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