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We Need a Little Christmas by American Elephant
December 12, 2009, 9:37 pm
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The New Christy Minstrels, from one of my favorite Christmas albums.

Not Much Transparency, And a Lot of Trying To Hide a Great Lot of Spending Indeed! by The Elephant's Child

The Obama administration’s own health care actuaries issued a new report.  This came from the government economic analysts at the Health and Human Services Department.  They found that the nation’s $2.5 trillion annual health care tab will not shrink under the bills that the Democrats are debating.  Instead, it would grow more rapidly than if Congress did nothing.

The most important duty of Congress is to approve a federal budget once a year.  The deadline is October 1, and Congress misses the deadline year after year.  Whatever else they have to do can wait, but the government needs funds to operate.  The only oversight they do on appropriations is on the Defense bill.  Everything else just gets tossed into a big $445 billion 1,088-page “omnibus” package of spending bills to fund the government for fiscal 2010.  The House passed a bill earlier this week allowing federal agency budgets to expand spending by some $48 billion or about 12% from 2009.

That is in addition to the $311 billion in stimulus already authorized for these programs.  All this means that federal agencies have received a nearly 70% increase in the last two years.

They also want to spend another $200 billion more from the TARP program on another stimulus, but they won’t call it a stimulus because so many people are insisting that stimulus 1 and stimulus 2 did not work.  They will call it a “jobs” program.

The Heritage Foundation counted 5,224 earmarks, bringing the total for the year to about 10,000, or about 23 for every Congressional district.  There is money for bike paths, skate board parks, museums, water-taxis to resort towns, and other absolute necessities.

They have already exceeded the federal debt limit, and want to raise the ceiling by $1.8 trillion, but that isn’t something they want to appear in front-page headlines, and members don’t want a publicly visible vote. Dear, dear, what to do?  Of course, they attach the new debt ceiling to the bill that funds America’s military.  Who could criticize them for voting for that?

Power Line notes that:

When the Democrats took control of Congress, the federal debt load was $29,568 for every American.  With this new debt ceiling the total will rise to $45,573 per person.  This chart shows how federal debt has risen under the Democrats, and how the Congressional Budget Office projects it to skyrocket under Democratic Party policies now in place.

I guess you can still try to blame it on Bush, but it gets a little harder every day.

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