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Disgusted Democrat Doctor Defects Over ObamaCare Outrage. by The Elephant's Child

Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith announced yesterday that he was going to switch parties and become a Republican.  At a press conference, the Congressman, an oncologist, said that he could not continue to align himself with a Democrat Party that was pushing a health-care plan that is “bad for our doctors…bad for our patients, and bad for the young men and women who are considering going into the health-care field.”

Politicians often switch parties after a big election, as they try to retain legislative power or become part of a new majority.  A bunch of moderate Democrats changed to the Republican Revolution in 1994.  But switching parties in the middle of a session and switching from the majority party to a smaller minority is more than unusual.

Mr. Griffith is from Alabama, but from a reliably Democratic seat.  Interestingly, Congressman Griffith apparently suddenly became a racist only when he left the Democrat Party.  He also voted against the stimulus and against cap-and-trade.  He  said that he would not vote again for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker because she is “divisive and polarizing.” His switch certainly seems to be a matter of principle.

Sounds like he’ll fit right in.  Welcome!

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