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Another Obama Promise Bites the Dust! by The Elephant's Child

Democrats in the House and in the Senate have passed health care reform bills.  The bills are quite different, and it is customary to work out the differences in an official conference committee process to get a bill passed.  They plan, however, as they have done to pass the bills in the first place, to operate behind closed doors so that Republicans have no opportunity to gum up the works.

There are highly controversial lingering issues, and if they risked a traditional conference committee, the motions to select and instruct conferees “would need 60 votes all over again.” Can’t have that!

Brian Lamb, CEO of C-Span, wrote to the leaders of Congress asking them to allow cameras in the room for the final negotiations on the health care bill.  He wrote:

President Obama, Senate and House leaders, many of your rank-and-file members, and the nation’s editorial pages have all talked about the value of transparent discussions on reforming the nation’s health care system.  Now that the process moves to the critical stage of reconciliation between Chambers, we respectfully request that you allow the public full access, through television, to legislation that will affect the lives of every single American.

Direct and right to the point.

Neither the President nor the Congressional Democrat leaders have the slightest intention of allowing anything to be filmed, and they expect the doors to be closed.  After all, the bills were passed with all sorts of bribes and  threats.

They are quite aware that a majority of the public is opposed to the bill, but they figure that if they can just get it passed in a hurry that people will accept it.  That there is something wrong with their thinking is demonstrated by their rush to pass a bill (so urgent — no debate, just hurry) that will not take effect until 2014.  And above all, they don’t want to let you know what is in the bill.  The more people learn, the more they oppose the legislation.

I cannot improve on what Investors Business Daily had to say:

Both Congress and the president set high standards in the flush of campaigning, and they should be held to them in what is supposed to be the deliberation of policymaking.  They should not be free to hide what they’re doing and hustle through legislation before the public has fully caught on to the deception.

This is, after all, the United States Congress, not the Soviet Politburo.  Our lawmakers are elected public servants, not unaccountable masters who make laws in secret.


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Well we want the same thing that the President wants. C-SPAN has already asked to do this. Sooo what could be wrong? Maybe it’s the Majority Party stopping everything in an attempt to push the AGENDA of WHO? Yes! the ONE. Apparently we cannot change minds after we elect them? This is a wake-up call. 2010 is here but not in time to stop this damage from happening. Here is hoping 2010 reverses the trend and we get back our, OUR government and get rid of the I’ll do /say anything to get elected and when elected do as I please. Let’s wake-up voters. Hopefully repeal can be done.


Comment by Bill

“This is, after all, the United States Congress, not the Soviet Politburo. Our lawmakers are elected public servants, not unaccountable masters who make laws in secret.”

This is only true if voters make it true. Both dems and republicans need to make primary voting a priority to help makes these elected officials answerable at every turn for their actions.


Comment by zeusiswatching

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