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American Security and Islamic Jihad. by The Elephant's Child

President Barack Obama spoke to the American people today about the “screw-up” in which his own intelligence team had the information to catch the Northwest flight 253 bomber but “failed to connect the dots.” Perhaps Obama has missed some “dots” himself as he has traveled the world extending his hand and apologizing for his country.

This was designed to be the ‘angry Obama in charge’ speech.  He said that we are a country at war, a war against al Qaeda. Which is misidentifying it in a way that the far left has preferred.

Jihadis desiring an Islamic caliphate have declared war on us.  And the Jihadis come from a vast number of loosely-connected groups all over the world.  Declaring that the United States military is making war on al Qaeda makes al Qaeda far more important than they are, and gives them a more useful propaganda tool than Guantanamo ever was.

Claudia Rosett summarizes the situation in an informative column for Forbes:

Obama had a lively December. He kicked it off with an address at West Point promising a smaller increase in troops in Afghanistan than his specially tasked adviser, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, had asked for. (He also gave the Taliban a handy tip that he’d start pulling the troops out again in 18 months.) He flew to Oslo to collect a Nobel Peace Prize. He flew to Copenhagen for a United Nations “climate change” conference at which he pledged to lame the U.S. economy and fork over more American tax dollars to other countries. He then stuck around Washington not for priorities of defending U.S. security, but for the Christmas Eve passage of the Senate’s monstrous health care bill.

Then Obama flew to Hawaii for some R&R at a beachfront estate. American holiday travelers, waiting in gridlocked airport security lines, absorbing news about six-foot flames shooting from the suicide pants of a jihadi inbound for Detroit, were initially left to ponder the alternative universe of the absentee president and Homeland Security Secretary Janet “the-system-worked” Napolitano.

More than a week after the attack, Obama finally returned to Washington. On Tuesday he announced that “the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way” and that it is his job “to find out why and correct that failure so that we can prevent such attacks in the future.”

Claudia Rosett points out seven “huge, blinking-red” warning signs that Obama is ignoring.  1.  Iran: Ignoring another UN deadline for halting uranium enrichment.  It is clear that the Mullahs have no interest in talks.  2.  China: Says that the time is not ripe for new UN sanctions on  Iran.  Chinese companies banned from doing business in the US for selling missile technology to Iran continue to do a brisk business with American Companies.   3.  Gaza:  Hamas has tightened its grip on  Gaza.  2009 brought a “spread and buildup of “global jihadi organizations in Gaza” several of which identify with al Qaeda.  4. North Korea: A report from A.Q.Kahn–Pakistan’s nuclear-marketing guy indicates that Kim Jong Il may have a more advanced program and missile-ready nuclear arsenal than suspected, and they keep sending munitions to Iran.  5. Russia: Putin now threatens that Russia, to balance any American missile defense will develop new offensive weapons.  6.  Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez says that “The Obama Illusion is finished.”  7.  Piracy: Pirates off the Horn of Africa have almost doubled their attacks over 2008.  This past year 214 ships were attacked. Do read the whole thing.

This is a lot on the plate of a president who is not much interested in his most important duty— national security.  The Left has chosen to believe that al Qaeda was simply incensed by Bush’s venture in Iraq, offended by Guantanamo and Bush in general (as they themselves were).  Obama has said repeatedly that he was opposed to the War in Iraq, and the “good war” was in Afghanistan against al Qaeda.  This is a deep misunderstanding of jihad and Muslim fanatics.

It is always a mistake to assume that your adversaries look at things the same way that you do.

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