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Democrats Pull Nasty, Crooked, Thuggish Tricks in Massachusetts Race by American Elephant

First, a thug working for Democrat Martha Coakley caught on video roughing up a Weekly Standard reporter for asking questions about a claim Coakley made in last night’s debate that the Taliban is no longer in Afghanistan. Here is Coakley blatantly ignoring the question:

And here is Coakley’s thug knocking down, blocking and roughing up the Weekly Standard reporter for embarrassing the Heir to the Kennedy Throne so…keep in mind Martha Coakley is just a few paces ahead where she can both see and hear what is happening, and she does nothing:

[UPDATE: The Weekly Standard and the Herald have the full rundown of the assault on reporter John McCormack, but I wanted to point out this photograph, which shows Martha Coakley clearly having witnessed her staffer assaulting a reporter, then the video above shows her walking away without saying a word, as if nothing had happened while her staffer continues to block, manhandle and harass the reporter. Some Attorney General! I do believe she should be going to court over this, and not in a prosecutorial role.]

And lastly here are a group of union steel-workers admitting that Coakley is PAYING them $50 a pop to hold up her signs, but that they are voting for Scott Brown anyway:

As you know, Scott Brown raised over $1.3 million in donations just in one day. Almost entirely in small donations. I believe the average donation was $75. But Democrats have now matched that in just TWO donations. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee bought over a half a million in ad time yesterday, and the SEIU wrote a check for $685,000.

They are terrified. All the believable polls show this race has gone from a guaranteed Democrat seat to a dead heat.

Scott Brown has all the momentum, all the excitement, and he’s picked up endorsements from the State Troopers and now Doug Flutie:

If you’ve had all you can take of Democrat corruption, you can donate and volunteer for Scott Brown here. You can also call your friends and family in Massachusetts and make sure they get out to vote for Scott Brown.

(h/t Ace)

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