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CNN’s Jack Cafferty Takes on The Speaker of the House! by The Elephant's Child

Jack Cafferty of CNN (CNN!) takes on the arrogant, grasping, crooked Speaker of the House of Representatives — Nancy Pelosi. And good for him!

When the people of the United States are suffering from 10 percent unemployment and many have had their wages or hours cut back — Congressmen give themselves a raise, excuse their own health care plan from any reform, reward their districts with hundreds of earmarks, pay back those who donate to the Democrat party with millions of dollars of wasted stimulus funds, and find that tending to the people’s business just gets too boring — an all-expenses-paid junket for congressmen and their families to the Copenhagen climate conference makes a nice winter break.

Many in the Congress begin to think of themselves as a ruling class.  They forget that in America, they are our servants and expected to carry out our wishes.  The Speaker sets an example.  A very poor example.  As Jack Cafferty says: “What a horrible woman!”

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wrong word Jack, evil woman is more apt.


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