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America Can’t Be Governed Successfully From the Left. by The Elephant's Child
January 18, 2010, 10:40 pm
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This could be a Norman Rockwell painting for the Saturday Evening Post.  Pure Americana.  However the election turns out tomorrow, this special election represents a severe tremor in the American political scene.

That a race to replace Ted Kennedy, in the bluest of states could be so close is extraordinary.  Ted Kennedy, the so-called “Lion of the Senate,” whatever that means, remains the patron saint of the liberals.  The turnout of wildly enthusiastic voters in bitter, nasty weather shows that they are rebelling against the last year’s headlong pursuit of partisan liberal governance.

After only 12 months in office, Mr. Obama’s approval ratings have fallen further and faster than any recent president.  Congress is despised.  Nebraska’s Ben Nelson has dropped under 50 percent in approval ratings, and was boo-ed in a pizza parlor.

The Democrats are attributing their fall to GOP “obstructionism”,  though how the GOP can obstruct anything when Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House remains unclear.

Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics lists the political blunders of the Obama White House.  #1. A Lack of Bipartisanship. The left claims that the Republicans are too crassly political to compromise. The fact that most policies are decided behind closed doors that exclude Republicans make this a little hard to swallow.

#2. Installing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as de facto prime ministers. Obama essentially turned everything over to these two, and the result was an enormous effort to reward supporters, relatives and donors, with little concern for spending, the economy or unemployment.

#3. Pursuing an agenda that doesn’t fit the times. The public is concerned about jobs, spending and debt, and the left is pursuing long-term ideological aims such as health care. Voters suspect with some justification that the Democrats are more than a little math-challenged.

The Wall Street Journal has fun pointing out the children of “The Great Society” who are now committee chairmen and their foibles, with pictures so you will recognize them. “They have spent their lives in government and know almost nothing about the private sector or how to grow an economy.  They view the Reagan era as an historical aberration, and they have stayed in Washington for decades precisely in wait of this moment to realize 40-years of pent-up policy ambition.  They believe this is their 1965, or 1933.”

As the Journal editors pointed out:  “A crisis is a terrible thing to exploit.”

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He wins!


Comment by zeusiswatching

What a fine campaign he ran. Upbeat, positive, and quick on the comeback. “The people’s seat” will enter the political dictionary. Scott Brown is a very appealing candidate. But will the Democrats grasp…well, no, of course they won’t.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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