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In the Terrible Devastation of Haiti, Some Things Are Working. by The Elephant's Child
January 19, 2010, 1:32 am
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Countries all over the world are dispatching aid to devastated Haiti.  Many have sent planeloads of rescue teams, food water, medicines and other needed aid to the stricken country.  Saudi Arabia sent a letter of condolences to Haitian President Rene Preval.  Oil-rich Kuwait chipped in $1 million as did Morocco.  The Middle East, in general, was noted for their frugality.

Immediately after the quake, the Israeli Home Command dispatched two planeloads with 220 aid-and-rescue personnel and a complete field hospital capable of treating 500 patients a day.  It is the most modern medical facility in Haiti, staffed by 40 doctors.

The hospital is equipped with a medical lab, a pharmacy, an X-ray center, a children’s ward, an emergency room, a surgical department, two operating rooms, and a maternity ward.

Israeli doctors performed 25 life-saving surgeries and assisted in the births of three babies. One baby boy will be named “Israel” by his grateful mother.  The first couple of planes brought tons of medicines and other supplies, and a third planeload followed over the weekend.

Other sources confirmed the fine work the Israeli field hospital is doing, and the efficiency of their operation.  A nice counter to all the ignorant anti-Israeli propaganda.  And it’s nice to hear some positive stories amongst all the human catastrophe.

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