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Misunderestimating the American People. by The Elephant's Child
January 21, 2010, 9:37 pm
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Democrats say that they have been waiting for 60 years to pass Universal Health Care, and they are not going to be deterred.

Americans have been rejecting Democrat health care plans for 60 years.  They don’t want the government to run their health care. Americans are, of course, worried about the increasing cost of health care.

But Americans know of no time in the past 60 years that government has ever taken over anything and made it cost less, or be more efficient, or more responsive to individual needs. There are very few things the Government does well.

Democrats always think that ordinary Americans are stupid. Ordinary Americans aren’t too sure about the intelligence or perception of the folks that they sent to Congress.

Ronald Reagan once described America as:

“Hopeful, big-hearted, idealistic, daring, decent and fair.”

Americans aren’t inclined to like or approve of secret deals in back rooms ginned up behind closed doors.  They don’t like votes bought by bribes of public money. They don’t like votes bought by threats and double-dealing. They want their representatives to respect their constitutional relationship with the people.  As Scott Brown said, “It’s not the Kennedy seat. It’s not the Democrats’ seat.  It’s the people’s seat.

The people of Massachusetts, who are already experiencing government-run healthcare, said Right On! and elected him to the people’s seat.

Are Liberals Listening At All? Apparently Not! by The Elephant's Child

Gannett newspapers had a piece out this morning exploring the Democrats’ reaction to the election of Massachusetts’ first Republican senator in more than 30 years. Will Obama reassess? Move to the center?

Liberals said that Brown won because Obama and Democrats in Washington were not bold enough in pushing health care reform, closing Gitmo and for building up American troop strength in Afghanistan. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka claimed that Brown’s victory “should be a sobering reminder…that people are urgently expecting results from Washington.”

As usual, Democrats see what they want to see.  Scott Brown’s campaign was clear and straightforward, and a wonderful teaching moment.  Polling was also pretty clear.  The president seems to have drawn all the wrong lessons from it. Peter Wehner lists some of them:

First, the president is still engaged in whining and finger-pointing, an act that long ago became tiresome. Unable to master events, he increasingly looks for ways to scapegoat them. Blaming everything under the sun on the “last eight years” won’t cut it. …  It simply makes Mr. Obama look petty and small-minded.

Second, Mr. Obama and his press spokesman Robert Gibbs and his top aide David Axelrod are practicing psychiatry without a license. They speak about the need to “understand” the public’s “anger,” as if it was a rooted in something other than a reasonable verdict on Mr. Obama’s agenda so far. The polling data shows that what is costing the Democrats isn’t some kind of free-floating anger that has gripped voters in need of therapy; it is opposition to what Obama and the Democrats are trying to do to the nation.

Third, the president’s “mistake” is that he and his administration were just so busy doing so much good stuff for so many people that, well, they plainly forgot to explain to simple-minded Americans just how much good stuff the Obama administration is doing for them.

Fourth, Obama and his acolytes believe they have a “communications problem” when in fact they have a substance and competence problem. They are pushing proposals that are counterproductive and highly unpopular; that is why the American people are rising up against the president and his agenda.

Mr. Obama’s words are so laughably out of touch I’m not sure he really believes them. If he does, he is more self-deluded than I imagined.

In Massachusetts, where voters are already stuck with a health care plan that was supposed to be the model for national health care — voters made it clear that they didn’t want ObamaCare.

But that’s why it is such a big issue. Bay State voters are up close and personal with the kind of reform measures Washington has been devising. Their health costs continue to soar, they face mandates dictating what insurance they must have, and businesses and individuals are buried under onerous bureaucratic requirements and penalties.

Massachusetts voters also made it clear that they didn’t like treating terrorists as if they were common criminals entitled to all the rights of a citizen.  Their support for Scott Brown’s positions and candidacy was not grudging, disinterested support — but full-throated, flag-waving  enthusiasm.  They knew what he stood for, and they liked it very much.

Second Verse? Same as the First! by American Elephant
January 21, 2010, 6:27 am
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Senate Democrats started the very first day of Obama’s second year in office, the day after Massachusetts delievered a stunning rebuke of their leadership,  by proposing a $1.9 TRILLION dollar increase in the federal debt limit. An increase that would permit Democrats to raise the National Debt to $14.3 TRILLION dollars. Because the $12.4 TRILLION that Democrats just raised the Debt Limit to just LAST MONTH just wasn’t enough.

It was less than a decade ago that $1.9 trillion dollars would have paid for the entire federal budget for a full year, plus change. Democrats now spend that in a month.

Democrats introduced the bill yesterday because they are afraid Republicans would filibuster the spending increase if they wait until after Scott Brown is seated.

Yeah. Sounds like they need another message. They didn’t get the one delivered by Brown.

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